City of Steam Alpha Review

[singlepic id=6 w=150 h=150 float=left]Ken~ I was “turned on” to a new (new to me) browser based MMPORG game called “City of Steam.”  Unfortunately for me I signed up on the last day of Alpha testing.  I ventured to their site took a quick read on the forums.  For those that don’t know, City of Steam is an industrial fantasty style game by Mechanist Games based on you guessed it, Steampunk.  I wish I had been introduced to this game sooner, it is gorgeous.  Also note I am not going to release any spoilers of game play. However pics will be included at the bottom of this article

When I got to the City of Steam website I registered my account.  After registering I had to download the Unity plug-in to play the game.  The download was fast and had no problems getting it.  Getting into the game was smooth and starts with creating a character.  Character creation in Alpha testing was minimal and hopefully a more advanced character creator will be implemented.

Once my character was created she was taken to a “training” area.  The training area wasn’t challenging and went through it pretty fast.  I did have a problem with the camera getting caught up in a wall or roof (can’t remember exactly) causing me a near death experience.

I ventured in game only for a few minutes to play a few missions and fights and get some screen shots.  The gameplay was smooth coming from my GeForce GTX560Ti. I stayed in 50 and above fps range.  I tried playing with an ATI Radeon HD5770 card and the fps really dropped in the teens.  This could have been because I logged in at a busier time.

I am excited that Beta will be coming sometime in the near future.  The Alpha felt like and played more like a Beta and can’t wait to see what is in store for the Beta.  You can help support the development of this game by going to the City of Steam website and purchasing a collaborator pack which will give you beta access.  Now for the photos:

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