Tales From The Geek Side: I Need A BatteryBot To Keep My Mind Charged!

tftgsWelcome back everyone! Let’s start off with some gagety, the BatteryBot by Mimoco. Yes, I know there are many mobile battery backups for mobile devices out there but like their MimoBot USB drives, Mimoco’s BatteryBot has character. I would much rather spend the money on one with a design on it over one that is mono or duo toned in color. Go check out their kickstarter here. It is going to be so worth it, get on it now before the launch in June 2014.

batterybot 1

star_wars__episode_vii_by_mrsteiners-d5slba9Star Wars news, we have a writer change for one.Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt has been let go. His replacement is/are Empire Strikes Back co-writer Lawrence Kasdan and director J.J. Abrams. Katheen Kennedy thanked Arndt for helping them get to this point, whatever that point is, but it wasn’t enough to stay on and get the job done. So with Kasdan and Abrams at the writing helm, it will be interesting know to see where things go. But this caused another problem. Abrams wants to push Episode VII back til 2016 but Bob Iger has come out and said to paraphrase, “NO, the film will come out in 2015 as promised”. The impression is they owe it to the stockholders to keep it in 2015.  So the countdown begins as we wait for the official release date of December 18, 2015.

But to keep Star Wars going, it has been going around the internet like wildfire about a Disney casting call that EVERYONE is claiming to be for Star Wars. Originally it seemed that the auditions were going to be just in the UK, leading to the speculation that it is for Star Wars, but with Nashville and Chicago mentioned as audition sites, (made it easier for Jimmy Mac of Rebel Force Radio and Aljon of Jedi Mouseketeer to report on it) my speculation is this is for a different project other than Star Wars.

Marvel and Disney also have been in the news. Marvel announced its newest Ms. Marvel, an Islamic teenage girl form New Jersey. To steal from another writer, are we ready for……a superhero from New Jersey? Main stream media picked up on this like vultures to road kill and ran with it. My fear when main stream media picks something like this up, recently it is not usually does not end well. Well, the red headed antagonist Conan, did just that and posted a controversial tweet about it, I am glad to see that there was not more about this or there was more of a public outcry which is what I was suspecting to happen with the media boom. This just goes to show, the public really did not care about this news just the geeks out the in the world.



And finally, Marvel Studios announced that in a roundabout way the Defenders are coming to TV through Netflix, each member with their own series and ending with a Defenders miniseries. might make me go back and get a subscription to Netflix again. Until next time stay strong and keep the Geek Revolution alive.