Now Geek This: Happy Father’s Day!

nowgeekthisHello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Now Geek This.  Since I am writing this article on Father’s Day, I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the holiday, and my father, by telling you a little about the man that influenced the geek in me, my dad.  Though there are many factors, and people, that have helped to shape me into the geek I now am over the years, my father is, without a doubt, the single most important influence on my geek life, as well as many other aspects of my life.  In fact, I have noticed that I am slowly turning into my father as my  years on this planet increase.  Whether that is a good thing, or a bad thing, has yet to be determined.My father, though he may not consider himself a geek as I am proud to call myself, has many geek tendencies that have naturally rubbed off onto me.  It was my father that first introduced me to Sci-Fi, which I am still a huge fan of to this day.  I grew up sitting next to my father as a child watching such classic shows as the original Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and one of my all time favorite show, Doctor Who.  In fact, when Star Trek: The Next generation came around, my father and I would spend our Saturday nights watching every episode, and I can even remember having discussions about the show with my dad.  In fact, my father and I even discussed writing an episode of Next Generation, but that never made it past the discussion phase.

Not only did my father and I share interests in Sci-Fi television, but there was also a mutual love of movies as well.  My dad enjoyed taking me to the movies to watch as many movies as possible when I was a kid, and that was something I always enjoyed.  I can certainly thank my father for introducing me to Star Wars as soon as I was old enough to actually enjoy it.  One classic movie that my father introduced me too, that I still love to this day, is a black and white film about giant ants that was titled Them!.  My father suggested that movie to me, and of course I loved instantly.  My father has good taste in that sort of thing after all.

It was my father that took me to my first convention when I was a young child as well.  I remember those days so fondly, dad driving us out to Boston to check out Star Trek conventions.  I can remember following my dad around the convention hall marveling at the incredible Sci-Fi merchandise at each table.  My dad would always get me some sort of toy or other memorabilia at those conventions too, and I always cherished each item he would buy for me.  Well, as much as a young child could cherish anything of course.  I miss those days of going to conventions with my day.  No matter how hard I try, I can never quite relive that feeling I had hanging out with my dad at a Star Trek convention.

My dad is also an avid model builder as well.  Through the years he has built models of every starship from the Star Trek franchises.  When he ran out of starships to build, he moved on to other Sci-Fi ships, and then to planes and naval vessels.  It is when building his models that you can tell my father is truly happy.  I am always amazed at the level of detail work my father puts into his models, and they always end up looking like they could actually be used in a movie or television show.  I personally do not have the skill or patience required to properly build a model, and that makes what my father does that much more interesting to me.  He has developed quite the level of skill for model building, and you can see how much he enjoys building them in each model you look at.

As a child of the eighties, there were so many toylines to play with and enjoy, and my father was so often on the cutting edge of the toys he would get me for birthdays and Christmas.  I had all the major toys, Transformers, G. I. Joe, He-Man, and the like, but my dad also seemed to enjoy buying me some of the lesser known toys as well, such as the Dino-Riders, Visionaries, and such.  I think my dad kind of enjoyed buying these toys for me because it was almost like he was collecting them himself in a way.  My dad even bought me a TurboGrafx 16 game system the first year it came out, and I was the only kid in my area who had one.  In fact, going back even further, I remember that we had an Intelelivision gaming system right alongside our Atari 2600 as well.

And so, on this Father’s Day holiday, I would like to thank my dad for helping to shape me into the geek I am today.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to see for ourselves just how our parents influence who we are, but I am happy to say that the roots of my geekhood were firmly planted by my dad.  I am truly grateful for my father’s influence on me, and I am happy to share my love of all things geek with my father.  I love you dad, and I am very happy that you are my father.

I want to wish a Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there, whether they are geeks or not.  Well, let’s face facts, all children pretty much think their dads are geeks, don’t they?

That’s it for this special Father’s Day edition of Now Geek This.  Thanks for reading and tune in next time for our next exciting adventure.