Dying is forever…unless it isn’t…

geek happeningsI first became aware of Kory Shrum through Twitter. I knew she was a writer but had no idea about what she had written. Then she started mentioning the second book of her Jesse Sullivan book series “Dying by the Hour.” It sounded so interesting I had to go and check out the first book of the series “Dying for a Living.” I am glad I did. I was instantly hooked by the character of Jesse Sullivan. She was snarky, and witty. Not unlike two of my other favorite characters from novels, Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” series as well as Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s “Hollows” series.

First person perspective books are my favorites. But it takes a really interesting person to keep my interest. Who wants to read a whole book in the view of a person who has no personality? Jesse Sullivan, the character whose perspective you are seeing events unfold, is a great character to spend your time with. Her first line in the book is “Good Morning, Mr. Reynolds.” I used my best sing-song voice. “Are you ready to die today?” With that first line you get a good insight into Jesse’s character, as well as a feel for what she does for a living.

You see, Jesse is a death replacement agent called a Necronite. Which in layman’s terms means she can’t die. She is able to be near a dying person and take the death for them. Which explains her job as a death replacement agent. She dies so the client won’t have to. Unfortunately in her latest replacement something goes wrong and puts her as a suspect for murder.

Combine this with Angels, psychics who can see death coming, and people who are not keen on seeing Necronite’s survive, you have a really compelling story. sometimes I am a bit squeamish about reading books from female authors, as some tend to really concentrate on relationship aspects, and the books turn into a romance novel. There was no danger of that here. The relationships are organically written into the book, and actually play a part in the ending. The ending had some great twists and turns as well. The book was so good immediately after reading it I picked up the second book in the series “Dying by the Hour.”

The best part about this book is it is only .99 cents for your kindle. You can buy it here .

It will be the best .99 cents you will spend.

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