Marvelette Missives – Red vs Green

Last week (on Christmas Day) the full trailer for Deadpool was released. As expected, there was a red band version and a green band version. Obviously, the red band was the one to watch. There are a lot of movies that do this for trailers now and there are a couple reasons for it. First, having a green band trailer means it can be shown on television and in theaters – we’ve all seen the green screen with “this trailer approved for this audience” language. Second, people can choose whether or not to have “strong language and violence” in the trailer they watch online.

I am of the opinion that if a red band trailer exists, that is the trailer you should watch to get a true sense of the movie. Green band is fine for “all audiences” but it’s unrealistic for the type of movie that requires two versions of the trailer. No one should be going into an R-rated film thinking there will be no F-bombs or blood or sex (depending on the movie – of course, Deadpool will have all three). And at this point, no one should presume any “superhero” movie is meant for kids. (Seriously, I saw a twitter exchange where a soccer mom stated superheroes are for kids but based on the posters and things she had seen, she wasn’t going to let her son see Deadpool. Good! It’s an adult movie, dumbass! Maybe do a little research on your son’s interests before making comments that make you look stupider than you already are! – END RANT)

So anyway, I’m sure most of you would watch the red band trailer for a movie you’re interested in anyway and I’m doing the whole “preaching to the deaf” (or whatever that is). But if you’re only a little interested in something coming out and you don’t tend to stay on top of trailers, it’s worth checking if there’s a different version available online – and that’s not even counting potential international versions that could show different footage. I’ll save my opinion/rant about how many trailers is too many for another time.