Marvelette Missives – Year of the Geek Once More

Another new year is upon us, full of hope and promise and blah, blah, blah all the other sappy BS that everyone spouts for the first week of January until reality hits. Ok, I’m not really all that cynical, just not the warm and cuddly type. But honestly, there really is a lot to look forward to this year for geeks – movies, tv shows, comics, books… everything!

To begin with, there are more than 40 “geek friendly” movies coming out this year. If you listen to Geek Watch One or follow me at all, you know the big one for me is Deadpool (opening Feb. 12, in case you forgot). But there are plenty of others that I’ll be seeing this year: Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Doctor Strange, Gambit, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book. There’s also a new Star Trek, a Star Warsspin-off, a Finding Nemo sequel… I may see those as well.

As for television, the past few years have already prepared geeks to become long-term couch potatoes and this year there’s even more to get into. Of course, I’ll be watching all the returning “super” shows like Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Arrow, The Flash, as well as the new Legends of Tomorrow. Then there’s Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Grimm, Orphan Black and The Walking Dead. And of course, we can’t forget Vikings and Game of Thrones. I’m also looking forward to the second season of Daredevil (dropping in March) as well as Luke Cage coming later this year. And I’m interested to see what’s done with the new Twin Peaks (I was a huge fan of the original), Westworld, Preacher, Outcast and Lucifer. (Ye gods, I’m never leaving my house at this rate!)

There are a few potentially interesting comics coming this year, but most of what I’m into in that regard are titles that began last year after Marvel’s Secret Wars, like A-Force. And a lot of my comic reading ends up being trades of older issues (especially since one of my Christmas presents was the Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus so, y’know, just 1,100 or so pages to get through there) and I’m determined to finish up The Boys this year (just a few volumes left).

And I’m the same with books for this year. Yes, there are always loads of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, paranormal, generally geeky tomes released. But none of the series (I try to limit it to just a couple) or authors I read have new novels coming out this year. And I have literally hundreds of books on my “to be read” pile, so I’m not exactly at a loss in this department.

Of course, there’s also gaming, conventions, cosplay, music… every realm has some great geekdom happening in 2016. So whatever fandom you’re into or geekdom you love, there’s going to be something for you over the next 12 months. Let me know what you’re most looking forward to!