Marvelette Missives – Making Frenemies

What is one thing that is just about guaranteed to bring enemies together? Love. (I didn’t say it was the only thing – we all know that it’s more likely to be money, but I digress.) No, I’m not talking about the enemies falling in love (that cliché outlived its welcome years ago). I’m talking about two people who are both in love with a third person who just happens to be in a bit of trouble.

It’s past Valentine’s Day, I’m not the mushy type, so why am I talking about love? It’s because I picked up Deadpool vs. Thanos (collecting issues 1-4). If you know anything about the relationship between these two, you know that Thanos hates Deadpool – I mean really hates him, as in he cursed him with immortality so he could never be with his one true love. It just so happens that this is the same entity Thanos is in love with – Mistress Death. You see, by cursing Deadpool to live forever, Thanos ensures he can have Mistress Death to himself. Yep, he’s kind of a dick that way.

But in this story, Mistress Death is abducted, people across the galaxy stop dying (and the dead come back) and the only one she communicates with (while he is unconscious) is Deadpool. So Thanos has little choice but to “make nice” so these two “heroes” can rescue their love. The good news is, these two don’t suddenly decide to rethink their relationship and become friends in the end – this isn’t a sitcom after all (as much as Deadpool probably wants it to be). So it’s satisfying to see things play out pretty much as expected, beatdowns and all.

This was never intended as a review of Deadpool vs. Thanos, but I will say it’s a good read. Sure the plot is a bit obvious, but there are quite a few somewhat obscure characters who show up, which makes it pretty fun. And as for love bringing enemies together as a common cause, sure it happens (especially in fiction). But what keeps it interesting is the obvious hatred that you know isn’t going anywhere as characters barely tolerate each other to get through their mission. The banter, thinly veiled threats, occasionally pummeling all to save a true love – that’s what it’s all about.