Motor City Comic Con 2016. The Nerd Returns Home

This past weekend more than 50,000 geeks descended on the Suburban Showcase and Collection in Novi this past weekend for the annual Motor City Comic Con. It was a bittersweet even with the untimely passing of two of its scheduled guests. Forii WWE superstar Chyna, and seminal artist Darwin Cooke.

     The show hosted a ton of big names from the comic and entertainment world. On the comic side you had luminaries such as Neal Adams and David and Meredith Finch, to Simon Bisley and Alan Davis. You had media guests from Adam West and Burt Ward, to John Bernthal of Walking Dead and Dardevil fame, as well as Katrina Law from Arrow and Spartacus, You also Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. The 501’st division was there in full Storm Trooper gear walking around and giving photo ops. Cosplayers galore roamed the floor with Harley Quinn costumes being definitely the most popular.


As if this wasn’t enough there were also hundreds of dealers selling everything from art, to comics, to toys and collectibles. I was able to pick up 8 trade paperbacks there for great prices. With all of the talk about nerd on nerd arguments there was none of that here. It was a place where thousands of people that were passionate about the same thing to meet up and come together with a common bond. The love of all things geek.

There were a few personal highlights for me. One was getting to meet David and Meredith Finch. Two more gracious people you will not meet. From David getting a pile of at least 30 comics put in front of him by someone and signing each and every one, to being able to discuss the return of Donna Troy with Meredith. The New Teen Titans was the first comic I can remember reading, so I was very disappointed with the fact that with the advent of the New 52 Donna Troy was nowhere to be found until the Finch’s brought her back in the pages of Wonder Woman. I also got this sweet print signed by David. It is going to look great on my wall.


I also got to meet the great Neal Adams. He was very gracious and I was able to get this print signed by him.



Another one of the Highlights was getting to meet Katrina Law, who most recently plays Nyssa Al Ghul on the CW show Arrow. Meeting her was kind of an accident. I was actually in line to meet Lena Headey. After 45 minutes of waiting and being one of the next in line, I actually got out of her line. She was charging 60 dollars for a signed picture and that did not even include a picture. I thought about it and figured that it was not worth it. I had my eye on a statue of Raven from the New Teen Titans that I wanted to get that was around the same price. So I went and picked that up instead. Fast forward to Sunday. I was walking around the media guest area and came across Katrina Law’s booth. She was standing in front of her signing table talking with the fans and taking action shot pictures with them, she seemed really cool I checked out her prices and it was 50 dollars with signed picture and a picture with her phone. It was too good to pass up. I got to the front of the line and well, here are the results. She was great.

20160515_111219_001 20160515_111214_001

     All in all this was a great but hectic con. I have been coming to this con since the mid 90’s and have seen it go from barely being able to fill the one half of the convention building to filling the venue to bursting. Yes my friends, it is a great time to be a nerd.