DC’s Rebirth means hope

In September of 2011 DC comics editorial decided to re-vamp their comic line following the event of the Flashpoint mini-series. The timeline was ripped apart due to Barry Allen, The Flash going back in time and saving his mother. Hence the system wide re-boot. Heroes that we had grown up with were changed, or deleted all together. These heroes were grittier and darker than what we had known before. Superman even spent months with a t-shirt and jeans as a uniform. Oh yeah, he had also lost his powers as well. We also had Jim Gordon masquerading as Batman in a robotic bunny looking suit. Needless to say these changes rubbed longtime comic collectors the wrong way.

Fast forward to May 2016. The first issue of DC’s Rebirth came out. I read it and felt like I was a kid again. During the New 52 era I think I collected comics out of habit, not because I enjoyed them. I can honestly can say I do not really remember a single storyline that came out of DC in that time period. I read the book once and put it away. I have read the first issue of Rebirth three times so far. It is that good. First we have the return of the Wally West of my youth. The former Kid Flash that took over Barry Allen’s job after he got killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths mini-series. It turns out that Wally has been trapped in the Speed Force, and is the only one that remembers how things were before the events of Flashpoint as well as what caused the Flashpoint. He spends the issue looking for an anchor that he can attach to so he can free himself from the Speed Force.

He first drops in on Batman. He figures that the world’s greatest detective would help to free him. Unfortunately, Bruce does not remember him, though Wally does manage to get a message to him that starts Bruce on a path trying to figure out what has been going on. Flash 3





Wally also visits Linda Park, his wife and mother of his two children before the events of The New 52. This is the most heartbreaking part, because Linda does not remember him either. I felt for Wally, because before The New 52, they were one of my favorite superhero couples.


Wally also comes across The New 52 version of Wally West, who is also a nephew of Iris Allen, and sees that this version is also connected to the Speed Force and sees that his legacy is in good hands and resigns himself to die. But before he does that, he has one more visit to make. One to his mentor Barry Allen. At first Barry does not remember him, and there is a touching scene where Wally gets to tell his mentor how much he meant to him.  This is a total Geoff Johns moment, and a love letter to a character that he and Mark Waid made relevant. This sparks Barry’s memory and at the last minute pulls Wally out of Speed Force. Flash This issue had more heart in it than all of DC’s comics in the last 5 years.







This is also portrayed in the names of the chapters in the 80-page book. Chapter one is titled Lost, chapter 2 is called Legacy, 3 is called Love, 4 is called life. Each one of these themes is explored in each chapter. It has really given me hope for DC again. I have also seen the titles that are coming out and it gets me even more Excited. Especially with having two Titans titles. Color me impressed.