We Be Geeks 186: We Are Mega Bentos With Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss from Comic Book Bento makes a return appearance to the podcast to talk about the Mega Bento Box for Semptember, the theme of which is “As Seen On TV”.  Jeff begins by talking about some changes coming to the Bento Box process, such as changing the mid-month deadline for box sign-up, and the Friend Bye feature.  Jeff then talks with the gang about the “As Seen On TV” mega box for this month that will be given away to one lucky subscriber.  The We Be Geeks crew teamed up with Comic Book Bento to help pick out a few books for the “As Seen On TV” box, and Jeff turned the tables on us to question each member about our choices.

We began with Mike, who talked about why he picked Howard The Duck for the box, mentioning several television appearances for the duck.

Brett’s pick was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the group takes a few minutes to talk about how Buffy was the first property to directly continue a television series into comic book form.

Julz was unable to appear in this episode, but that did not stop the group from discussing her pick for the bento box, Samurai Jack.

Finally, Derrick talks about his choice, Transformers from IDW, sparking a lengthy discussion about toylines from the 80s.

Jeff then talks about one of his choices for the box, Supergirl, but keeps the rest of the books a secret.

After discussing the particulars of the box, Jeff talks about the Back To School Sale Comic Book Bento is having, talks about the origin of the concept for the Mega Bento Box and then mentions discount codes that can be found on the Bento Box Facebook page.

Next, Jeff and the We Be Geeks gang announce their plans to make “Afterboxing” videos for the Comic Book Bento Boxes, and other review videos they are planning to make in the future.  Then, Jeff talks about surprises that can be found in the box, such as Valiant’s Faith trade that was sent out in the bento box before it was officially released in stores, and a book that Jeff and his crew actually self-published called Sam and Fuzzy, which leads to a discussion about the quality of the books offered in the bento boxes.

Mike mentions the possibility of adding Zone Continuum, a book written by past We Be Geeks Guest Roland Mann, and Jeff says that is still in the works.  Then, Jeff talks about bringing his company to comic conventions, and announces that they will be at the New York Comic Con this year, where they will have an exclusive box for the convention.

As the show winds down, the gang discusses the value of the boxes when you consider what you get for you money, then talk about how Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks can now be found in libraries and classrooms.  Jeff talks about his love of Golden and Silver Age comics, and mentions the crazy stories and character that can be found in those older books.  Finally, Jeff gives us some future bento teases, talks about further convention plans, and tells us where to find Comic Book Bento online.