Marvelette Missives – Introducing Krypton

Fans of the Man of Steel have been waiting for Krypton since the show was first announced by Syfy more than a year ago. Not a lot has happened in that time, but they are finally getting beyond rumors and general development, announcing actual characters and casting.

Krypton is a prequel of sorts, taking place long before the planet blows up and Superman ends up on Earth. As such, Superman (or Kal-El) will not be on the show. The focus is on the House of El, following Seg-El (Kal-El’s grandfather) as he tries to redeem his family’s honor. There will be a mix of generations, as Seg’s father Ter-El and his grandfather Val-El are also involved.krypton

Val-El could be an interesting character. Apparently, he defied death by going to the Phantom Zone so there will likely be psychological ramifications from being there. He also believes in the importance of space exploration, which could lend itself to a direct tie-in with the eventual means of transportation that Kal-El is sent away in.

From what’s known so far, this seems much more of an action/drama show than a superhero show, which could be a great thing, especially for the Syfy network. And being about characters and timelines that have never been explored in Superman comics gives a wide berth for storylines.