Marvelette Missives – Scooby Apocalypse

A group of meddling kids and their dog attempting to solve a mystery – that sounds pretty familiar. But what if the group is comprised of an investigative reporter, her loyal cameraman, a scientist, a dog trainer and a dog who happens to be the subject of experiments into creating more sentient canines, and the mystery is the end of the world? Well guess what – that’s exactly what you get with Scooby Apocalypse

Obviously, this is a much grittier take on the Scooby-doo gang than we’ve seen before. And at first glance most people would think “what the hell?!”. But as far as revamps go, it’s not too bad. The gang is brought together when Velma (a scientist) contacts Daphne (investigative reporter, with Fred as cameraman) to give her the scoop on some sketchy research at a secret lab. Shaggy happens to be working at the lab as a trainer in the canine research department, where he comes across Scooby-doo, a reject of recent experiments in creating “smart dogs” that can talk and be used for various (military) purposes.

The research in question involves nanites that have been dispersed into the atmosphere. While in the lab, something goes wrong and the nanites are activated, causing mutations on a potentially global level. So, of course, the Scooby gang has to fight their way through monsters and figure out just what happened and if there’s a way to save the world. Sure, it’s over the top, but it’s a comic based on a cartoon that had over-the-top mysteries every week. The writing and art are good, though the plot is pretty predictable. But as long as all the monsters don’t turn out to be groundskeepers in masks, it should stay relatively entertaining.