We Be Geeks 210: World Of Color With Jeremy Colwell

This week, Brett and Julz are both MIA, so Mike and Derrick welcome comic book colorist Jeremy Colwell onto the podcast for an interview.  Jeremy is most recently known for the DC books Batman/TMNT, and He-Man/Thundercats.  We start off the interview with Jeremy describing his path to becoming a colorist, and how he started working for DC comics.  We asked Jeremy if he was nervous working with big name characters like Batman and He-Man, and what his favorite version of Batman is from a colorist perspective.  We discuss Jeremy’s thoughts on the Digital Age of coloring, some of his favorite characters to color, as well as his favorite Batman villains. 

Next, we ask Jeremy about his favorite books that he has colored, as well as his favorite comics to read.  We discuss the surge of comic creators that has risen up in the Portland, Oregon area, and Jeremy’s experience meeting comics legend Marv Wolfman, before grilling him on his future projects.  We follow that with talk of delays in comics, then have a long discussion about conventions and fan interactions. 

We finish of the episode by covering the various places that you can find Jeremy Colwell on the internet.