We Be Geeks 211: Been Ridin’ A High All Day

We start the show announcing Mike being down at Star Wars Celebration’s podcast stage. Get the details here. We run down the list of exclusives that are going to be released at Celebration. We talk about Mike’s favorite subject: cosplayers. We then reboot into the Matrix reboot. If it happens, they are looking at Michael B Jordan to possibly play Neo. We talk about whether it will be a reboot or continuation.  We talk about Chris Evans stepping down as Captain America after Infinity War. We go into Michael Shannon’s possible casting as Cable in the new Deadpool movie. We then move into the Russo Brother’s bringing Quantum and Woody to the small screen. We talk Big Hero 6 TV series getting green lit for a second season before the first one even comes out. We end the show with 13 movies that predicted other movies.