Marvelette Missives – Hawkeye

By now, every comics reader knows there was a shake-up in the ranks of the Avengers because of Civil War II. And one of those changes involved Hawkeye. Clint Barton (the Hawkeye most people know) was up on charges for killing Bruce Banner, but ultimately found not guilty. Even so, he couldn’t go back to his previous role so Kate Bishop (who has been in the secondary Hawkeye role for a few years now) has taken over and is now the focus in Marvel’s Hawkeye comics. 

Kate has a completely different attitude towards the role than Clint ever did. Obviously it’s always a matter of helping others and stopping crime, but Kate is much more into the fun of it all. She genuinely enjoys talking smack to evildoers and taking them down with her arrow-shooting prowess. And now, as she’s not a current member of any team, she’s starting up an investigations firm to both continue being a hero and pay the bills.

The first story arc has Kate familiarizing herself with her new neighborhood while helping her first client, a college student being harassed and bullied online. Of course, it’s part of something bigger and Kate unwittingly creates a team of her own to save the day. It’s a solid story and the art is really good, portraying Kate’s precision sights in an interesting way. It’s the series to read if you like your heroes a little more casual, kinda snarky and definitely kickass.