Marvelette Missives – Marvel Knights: The Inhumans

The volume Marvel Knights: The Inhumans covers a 12-issue miniseries from an updated version of the Inhumans of the late 90s (of course, there have been a couple more versions since then). As such, it gives a good introduction to the main characters of the series without being an origin story. 

Anyone who has watched Agents of SHIELD (AoS) will be familiar with the basics of Inhumans: this is a race that seems human, but once exposed to the Terrigen Mist, each individual’s mutation is revealed. Unlike in AoS though, the exposure is not random – it is part of a ceremony, much like a celebration of reaching adulthood. This series does a good job of showing that each Inhuman is unique in their abilities, but at the same time there are similarities that bring some together (such as telekinesis or flight).

The plot of the series is relatively straightforward – an attack on Attilan (home of the Inhumans) by the outside world, betrayal from within their own ranks and, ultimately, a victory, though not the kind expected. There are a couple of interesting twists and you really get a feel for the main characters, especially Black Bolt even though he doesn’t say a word. You even get to see how Lockjaw’s powers work and how he’s not just the royal pet.

It may seem like 12 issues is long for a single story arc and, though it is unusual, it works. It is long, but it provides a good amount of detail for the story itself, while subtly explaining the world of the Inhumans to those who may be less familiar with it. And the art in this series is fantastic, with a boldness that the story requires and a good representation of both the characters and the setting. With the Inhumans television show currently in production and premiering in just a few months, Marvel Knights: The Inhumans is a good introduction to that world which is not quite like our own.