Marvelette Missives – The Misplaced

What if you died and went to your promised paradise, but it wasn’t quite what you were expecting? And what if obstacles kept being placed in your path when you decided to search for the true happiness everyone claimed you deserved? That’s the general premise of The Misplaced, a four-issue miniseries available as a collected edition. 

Writer and artist Chris Callahan created this supernatural story of a couple who die together in a tragic accident, but when the man awakens in the afterlife he is unable to find his wife. This leads him to question the true meaning of paradise if he is unable to spend it with the woman he loved. So he sets out to find her – easier said than done, when there are some who do not want her to be found.

The plot raises questions about life, death, happiness, paradise and immortality. The desperation of the protagonist in his search is palpable and the intensity of his quest drives home the depth of his love. It’s a well-told tale and extremely engrossing. And, unlike many comics, the art melds together so well with the words that one aspect does not overwhelm the other. Callahan created a unique look for the story and has done a good job of creating true comic art.

If you’re interested in finding out more about The Misplaced, visit the website (where you can view a motion comic style trailer). A Kickstarter campaign for the collected edition was successfully funded, so it will be available soon. web stats