Marvelette Missives – Battlestar Galactica: Six

At the end of last year, a trade collecting a miniseries covering an important piece of history in the Battlestar Galactica universe was released. Battlestar Galactica: Six is the story of Number Six, the human-like Cylon, before we meet her in the main BSG series. 

The story follows her creation, awakening as a sentient entity and the evolution into the destructive force she is to become to mankind. Though the story is well written and provides a good outline for Six’s origin, it’s not very deep. If you know the character, you’ll know this is disappointing because she is portrayed with complexity in the show.

The artwork is good, capturing the general look and feel of the BSG universe. It fits well with the story. But obviously this comic was intended for fans – those unfamiliar with the series won’t be able to follow along very well or grasp the significance of events. You don’t necessarily need to recall all the details of the show, but without the basics you’ll be pretty lost. And even though this origin doesn’t delve as deep as most would have liked, fans will probably enjoy getting at least a little more detail on the character who played such a significant role in BSG.