Marvelette Missives – Huck

Mark Millar’s Huck is a tale of a simple man with special gifts who wants to live a quiet life in a small town. He does a good deed every day for whoever is in need, but otherwise keeps to himself. His neighbors always know the deeds are his doing, but they keep things quiet as well, as a way to thank him. Then someone new moves to town who happens to be a reporter and she wants to share news of Huck with the world. 

Interestingly, Millar created Huck as a response to Man of Steel and the way Superman was portrayed. The man who has given the world so many R-rated superhero comics and movies, didn’t like Superman taken a turn to the dark side and decided to write a character that was more positive. It’s a surprising turn, but it works well.

Thought not overly exciting to begin with, Huck’s life takes quite the adventurous turn. Once news of him and his powers gets out, everyone wants help. But he also pops up on the radar of those who have more nefarious things in mind (it is a superhero story, after all). It’s not a spoiler to say that the good guys win in the end – it’s pretty much why Millar wrote this story. But how it gets to that point does have a few interesting turns.

And in case you were wondering, considering so many of Millar’s comics end up on the big screen: yes, Huck has been optioned for a movie.