We Be Geeks 223: A.K.A. Ace Solo

There has been a lot of information coming out recently about the Han Solo movie, and we start this episode by diving in head first to discuss it.  Next, we talk about Darth Vader almost having a cameo, as an action figure, in Guardians of the Galaxy, which then leads us down a path of pure nostalgia.  We follow that by discussing the possibility of Captain Britain coming to the MCU, the likelihood of a Superman: Red Son live action film, and a new season of the Young Justice cartoon.  Next up, we talk about some news regarding the upcoming Judge Dredd TV series, a new Tremors series,  and the Fast and the Furious 9.  We then finish up the episode with a chat about a fan theory regarding Spider-Man in Ironman 2, and then talk about the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny cartoon.