Rose #4

Rose #4

Writer: Meredith Finch

Artist: Ig Guara

Publisher: Image Comics





This issue we find our intrepid heroes separated. The village of Millhaven has become a battleground. With Queen Drucilla’s Guard tearing apart the city looking for a newly emerged Guardian. Who just happens to be Rose. Rose and Ila are betrayed and left to fend for themselves. One of the things that I love in fantasy novels and movies is that you can never judge a book by its cover. We have Yoda in Star Wars, we have Ila here. The old woman lays out some of Queen Drucilla’s Guard with her staff. Ig Guara’s art fits this scene so well. Helpless old woman, Ila is not. Rose is still trying to figure out her magical abilities. As a D&D enthusiast, I would say she is still first level going on second. She does get some great one liners in. After being told that a girl like her belongs in the kitchen, she gets in a great line, “Maybe you’re right, the kitchen is a great place to spice things up!” She says this as she blinds one of the guards with a bag of spice. Rose and her Khat, Thorne are getting closer to finally meeting and getting their full powers. Unfortunately Thorne is having problems of his own as he is surrounded by Queen’s Guards. To get to him Rose has to escape from Queen Drucilla’s right hand man and killer of Guardians. The meeting that we have been waiting for is so tantalizingly close. Unfortunately at the end of the issue we have Rose separated from her friends, and she and Thorne are surrounded by enemies. In a previous review I mentioned that Meredith was great at just giving you enough to leaving you waiting impatiently for the next issue. One of my favorite novelists Jim Butcher once said that things like that were like crack for writers. I can see how this could be. This issue has it all, great action, great pacing, and a great cliff hanger. All you can want from a book. The theme of Rose finding strength within herself that she didn’t know that she had, continues in this issue. Her power continue to blossom and she continues to level up. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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