We Be Geeks 227: The Return of Julz

This week on We Be Geeks the gang is almost all here. Brett is MIA for these next couple of weeks, and we will definitely miss him. Do you like digital? We take on the case for “Going Digital with ComiXology”. We all love comics, but is there a place for digital in our lives? Turns out there is! With limited space it makes it hard to collect sometimes. Also traveling with comics is much easier when doing digital. There is much to love about both, and we all love our Local Comic shops. Jessica Chastain was cast in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, after months of rumors. We have our fingers crossed that it will be good. Netflix is adding a new series from Matt Groening. “Disenchantment: a fantasy story that takes place in a failing medieval kingdom.” It sounds pretty interesting to us and the voice cast is stellar. With all of our love from Groening’s other shows, we will be sure to check this gem out. New Superhero shows in 2017? We have the list, and discuss our mad love, or dislike for each of them. All this and more, but only if you tune in.