We Be Geeks 228: If There Is Enough Money Involved

This week, the guys are excited to have their old friend Julz back on the podcast.  However, Brett is once again MIA, causing Mike and Derrick to once again wonder if Brett and Julz are, in fact, the same person.  They have not been shown otherwise yet……

Topics discussed on this episode:
1. Netflix purchases Mark Millar’s Millarworld imprint
2. The Karate Kid is making a comeback!  Sort of…
3. Karl Urban could star in the upcoming Dredd TV series after all
4. Agents of SHIELD is coming back on the air sooner than expected, but why?
5. Disney has announced that they are pulling their properties off of Netflix for a very special reason
6. The rumors about the cancellation of the Fantastic Four comic series are actually true?
7. A remake of Cannonball Run is in development