We Be Geeks 229: This Stinks Like Poop On Poop

Tonight the band is back together minus Julz. Yes, she and Brett are the same person.

Topics discussed on this episode:
1. Gremlins 3 plans.
2. The Jetsons reboot by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.
3. Robert Kirkman’s move from AMC to Amazon.
4. Robert Kirkman suing AMC.
5. Justice League rewrites. Problems? What problems?
6. Joker standalone film.
7. Who would you want to play Joker in the new movie?
8. DCEU creating a multiverse. Can you say confusing?
9. Was Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor cut from the Justice League movie? Let’s hope so.
10. What is M&M’s new candy flavor?