We Be Geeks 240: Infinity Crisis Avatars

The Warriors 3 are at it again. We have Derek, Mike and Brett on the mikes. Tryptophan comas abound. Whose story is it anyway? Find out right here on We Be Geeks.

  • Avatar 4 and 5 not guaranteed according to James Cameron
  • 10 Things we learned from Avengers Infinity War trailer
  • Disney and Fox have resumed negotiations
  • Live action Scooby Doo Origin Movie Daphne and Velma
  • Green Lantern scriptwriter wants American God’s actor Ricky Whittle to play John Stewart
  • Possible new Batman game from the publisher of Batman Arkham Origins
  • Tron Legacy Light Cycle is the next Lego idea set to go to production
  • Daredevil Season 3 release date possibilities and cast
  • Crisis on Earth X ratings binge