Marvelette Missives – Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan

If you keep up with comics, especially those of the mutant variety, you know there’s a new miniseries on shelves that pits two of Marvel’s most popular mutants against each other. And, of course, it’s well worth a look for fans of either. That book is Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan

Announced back in July, the first issue of this five-part monthly hit shelves in October. The main team behind it is writer Declan Shalvey  (who worked on The Punisher and Deadpool vs. The Punisher) and artist Mike Henderson (who worked on portions of the Avengers: Standoff crossover). As to the portrayal of the characters, Shalvey points out:

Importantly, the book features Old Man Logan, not Wolverine. That character has a different kind of baggage than old-school Logan, which makes him relate to Wade Wilson more than one might think. The characters have a lot in common, so having a book featuring both really makes sense, but they are clearly very different personalities, that’s been a great thing to play with.

The story has Logan on the trail of a new Omega-level mutant. Deadpool just wants to help, but Logan doesn’t want him around. So, of course, Deadpool decides he has to find the mutant first and, well, fights and hilarity ensue! Plus there’s the fact that no matter how much gets thrown at them (literally at times… there’s a van, a plane…), that healing factor kicks in and they come back fighting (sometimes slowly and still in pain, of course). It’s a good “odd couple” mix of a story, with equal parts Logan attitude and Deadpool craziness.

Marvelette Missives is written by TinkEsq, aka Miss Dawn, Web Goddess of Geek Watch One.