Now Geek This: Robocop Review

cooltext1205573672 In this edition, I will be reviewing the remake, or is that reboot, of Robocop, directed by Jose Padilha.  The movie stars Joel Kinnaman as Detective Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty and reborn as the half man, half machine Robocop by the corporation known as Omnicorp to police the streets of crime ridden Detroit.


Now Geek This: Big Game Movie Trailers


Whether you are a sports fan or not, I’m sure that you are aware that this past Sunday was the Big Game, which is the championship game for football for those who might not know.  It has a more commonly uses name, but the footbal people don’t like you to use it unless you pay for it, so I won’t.  One of the most popular features of the Big Game are the commercials shown during the breaks in gameply.  Companies spend literally millions of dollars on comercial spots during the Big Game, and the commercials end up being almost as popular as the game.  This year, there were also a couple of extended trailers for upcoming movies that I am very interested in.  I think the best way to discuss these trailers is to take each one individually.


Now Geek This: I, Frankenstein Review


This weekend was the opening of the movie I, Frankenstein, directed by Stuart Beattie.  The plot of the movie has Frankenstein’s famous monster, played by Aaron Eckhart, stumble into a war between demons, who are hunting the monster to learn the secrets of his creation,  and the holy order of gargoyles who are the sworn enemies of the demons.  Of course, Frankenstein’s monster, named Adam by the queen of the gargoyles played by Miranda Otto, wants nothing to do with the war.  All Adam wants is to be left alone to roam the earth in peace.  Centuries of fighting demon hunters pass before Adam realizes that he will never be left alone as long as the demon prince Naberiu, played by Bill Nighy, wants the secrets Adam’s body can reveal about animating the dead.  Adam returns to the order of the gargoyles during modern day and decides to help them fight Naberius.


Now Geek This: A Review of Intelligence


cooltext1205573672Hello and welcome back to my column Now Geek This after a brief break for the holidays.  In this weeks column, I am going to review Intelligence, the new show airing Mondays at 10:00PM on CBS. 

Intelligence centers around an intelligence operative, played by Lost veteran Josh Holloway, who happens to have a high tech computer chip implanted in his brain that allows him to have access to information from many sources, including the internet and even spy satellites in orbit.  The agent, named Gabriel, uses this information to recreate crime scenes, gain tactictical information about a situation, and even track targets all in his brain.


Now Geek This: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

cooltext1205573672Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Now Geek This.  Today, I will be reviewing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, directed by fan favorite Peter Jackson. 

Before I begin my review, I must reveal two important factors regarding my viewing of this movie.  The first thing I must disclose is that I have not read the Hobbit or even watched the Rankin/Bass cartoon since I was a very young child, so the exact details of the story are a distant memory to me.  I know what you are thinking, “blasphemy!”  Just hold on a minute, I think that gave me a fresh perspective on these movies.  I know the basic story of the Hobbit of course; it is just the exact details of the story that elude me.


Now Geek This: Almost Human

cooltext1205573672Almost Human is the newest show from producer J. J. Abrams. starring Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy from the Star Trek movies) as a police detective in the near future, and Michael Ealy as his android partner.  Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8:00PM on the Fox Network.

Almost Human is one of those shows that intrigued me when I first heard about and saw the commercials Fox would run constantly.  I thought it would be a perfect show for a sci-fi fan like myseslf, and I was very exited to see it.  Then, I watched the first two episodes, shown on two consecutive days to kick off the season.


Now Geek This- Thor: The Dark World

cooltext1205573672This weekend was the premier of the Marvel movie Thor: The Dark World.  The movie was directed by Alan Taylor.  Chris Hemsworth returns to the lead role of Thor, with Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki, and Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster.

The plot of the movie centers around a race of creatures know as Dark Elves led by Malekith who want to use a weapon called the Aether to destroy this universe and replace it with their own.  The warriors of Asgard attempt to stop the Dark Elves in the only manner they know, glorious battle.


Tales From The Geek Side: I Need A BatteryBot To Keep My Mind Charged!

tftgsWelcome back everyone! Let’s start off with some gagety, the BatteryBot by Mimoco. Yes, I know there are many mobile battery backups for mobile devices out there but like their MimoBot USB drives, Mimoco’s BatteryBot has character. I would much rather spend the money on one with a design on it over one that is mono or duo toned in color. Go check out their kickstarter here. It is going to be so worth it, get on it now before the launch in June 2014. More

Now Geek This: @Midnight

cooltext1205573672Welcome to the latest edition of Now Geek This, my column covering all that is geek in television and movies.  This week, I am going to cover @Midnight, the new Comedy Central Show that debuted this week.  @Midnight airs at midnight, who would have guessed, immediately after The Colbert Report Mondays through Thursdays on Comedy Central.  @Midnight is a fake game show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, in which three different comedians compete each night answering questions based on social media to determine who is the funniest person in the world for the next twenty four hours.


Tales From The Geek Side: Star Wars Rebels Update

tftgsOh how excited I am to deliver this news, MORE INFO ABOUT STAR WARS REBELS! I am stoked and wish I was at NYCC. A new trailer featuring and narrated by Dave Filoni gives us new insights into The Empire in Star Was Rebels. We also get the introduction of the a new villian, the Inquisitor, “tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights.”  according to Filoni. Pablo Hidalgo, who hosted the panel, also introtuced new vehicles that will be used in the series: More