Tales From The Geek Side: S.H.I.E.L.D. Tech Expert Reporting

tftgsI hope everyone enjoyed our interview with Ashley Eckstein, I was exciting to hear Ahsoka almost had a Icelandic accent. Please check out Ashley’s site, Her Universe, and check out the fan girl of the day and the awesome selection of clothes for the female geeks out there. As Halloween appoaches, my wife and I are trying to get my daughter’s Wonder Woman costume together. Yes I am a proud daddy that she has chosen a superhero for this year. She wants me to dress with her but 1.) my Wonder Woman costume stopped fitting many years ago and 2.) I need to get new boots for my Jedi costume (I wonder if I should do a Kickstarter campaign).  More

Tales From The Geek Side- The Beginning.

tftgsWow, a lot has happened since the site was launched August 14th, 2012. Staff changes, format changes and more. If you asked me a year ago if the site would be like it is now, I would have said no. I have changed co-hosts, and after doing Episode 19 by myself, I knew if I had to, I would keep doing the show by myself. Thankfully Eric came along through the recruiting of Victoria. Shortly thereafter Marc and Jessica joined the fray. To them I say thank you. Format wise, we are still bringing you news in some manner, but we have columns for you geeks to read (please do; they are awesome), but instead of being a news feed type site like Yahoo! Entertainment or others, we are going to give the stories our voice. Meaning if all of us report on the same story, then you will have the multiple opinions just like if you were chatting with us.