Batman: Arkham Origins Announced and Dated

Warner Bros. has announced the next title in the Batman: Arkham franchise will beBatman: Arkham Origins, currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

It’s currently slated for release on October 25 this year, but there’s no mention of the game appearing on next-gen consoles. More

First Meeting Of The Flash And Green Lantern To Be Revealed This July

Their friendship is one of the most beloved in comic books, but how did Barry Allen and Hal Jordan meet in “The New 52” continuity? Well, this July’s The Flash Annual #1 will set out to answer that very question! Hit the jump to check out the solicitation. More

Does Barbara Break The "No Kill" Rule In BATGIRL #19?

By the looks of things she most certainly does, and a member of her own family is on the receiving end! Check out the gatefold cover and mixture of pencils and full color interiors from Batgirl #19 after the jump.. More

DCAU Creator Bruce Timm Steps Down As WB Animation Producer

Bruce Timm, longtime animation supervising producer for Warner Bros., has decided to step down.

Though the name might not pop out at you, if you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s watching superhero cartoons, you’ve definitely seen Timm’s work. As a cartoonist, producer, and creator, he has had a crucial hand in almost every single DC animated series over the past two decades. Indeed, he could be considered to be the father of the DC Animated Universe, which started in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series. More

Ryan Reynolds Not Interested in Returning as Green Lantern Right Now

It’s well known that Warner Bros. is working to bring DC Comics’Justice League to the big screen, but the studio may need to find a new protector of Sector 2814. In an interview today with Empire,Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds explains that he’s not planning on reprising his Hal Jordan role anytime soon. More

Adrianne Palicki Would Love To Play WONDER WOMAN Again

When speaking to BANG Showbiz at the G.I Joe premiere this week in London, Adrianne Palicki has revealed that she would love to become Wonder Woman once again. “If they wanted me, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat.” said Palicki.


When DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee and critically acclaimed “Batman” writer Scott Snyder were announced as the new creative team for a debut Superman series duringNew York Comic Con 2012, fans were understandably excited for the untitled book. USA Today reports the series now has a name, “Superman Unchained,” and will release June 12, two days before Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” hits theaters.



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Mark Strong Says He Would Be Surprised If There Was A GREEN LANTERN Sequel

[singlepic id=636 w=320 h=240 float=left]Jake “WaylonJones” Lester | ComicBookMovie.com

Mark Strong has said recently that he is sad that Green Lantern didn’t do better than it did at the box office, because he really liked the movie. He told MTV“I loved making ‘Green Lantern’ and I loved playing Sinestro.” The odds of a sequel for the movie have been in doubt, however there was some life in the idea when WB exec Jeff Robinov said that he thought with the right bit of re-working a sequel could be done. Strong isn’t as hopeful saying, “I would be surprised if they made a second one because I’ve heard nothing about it in quite a while now.” He also said that he was excited to tackle the second movie, and Sinestro being over taken by the yellow power. More

Is DC about to kill off one of Batman's most important sidekicks?

[singlepic id=604 w=150 h=150 float=left]Matthew Jackson | Blastr

It looks like the Batman family is about to get a little smaller.


Below is an image posted to Twitter this week by a comics retailer known as Al Mega (whose account seems to, as of Friday night, no longer exist). It shows three different variant covers for DC’s Batman Incorporated #8, which will hit comic book shelves on February 27. More