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Motor City Comic Con 2017

This year was the 28th year of the Motor City Comic Con. Every year the con has gotten bigger. This year was no exception. At the con that took place from May 19th to the 21st, thousands flocked to the Suburban Showcase in Novi to meet their favorite actors and comic creators. Not to mention the exhibitor’s that sold everything from graphic novels to props from your favorite movies and TV shows. The guest list read like mix of 80’s nostalgia to some current heavy hitters like Ron Perlman from Sons of Anarchy, and Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead, and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy Volume’s 1 and 2. For the Whovian’s in attendance there was Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler in  Christopher Eccelston,  and David Tennant’s run on Doctor Who. She also plays Brona Croft on Penny Dreadful. John Barrowman was there also. You will remember him for playing Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood, as well as Malcolm Merlin on CW’s Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. You also had Sean Astin from The Goonies, Rudy, and of course The Lord of the Rings movies. There were also comic luminaries Like Dave Gibbons of Watchmen Fame, as well as Neal Adams who drew pretty much everything in the 70’s and 80’s, but is probably best know for his run on Green Lantern\Green Arrow. Ed Mcguiness of Superman\Batman fame was there as well.


The Redemption of Tim Drake

The most misused character of the DC’s New 52 was Tim Drake. He went from being a worthy successor to the Bat Cowl, and having his own series, to being kind of a side note in the Teen Titans comics. This has all changed for the better in two different comics that came out last week. We have Teens Titans #23 and Batman: Detective Comics #939. Both were released on August 24th. Let’s start with Teen Titans #23.


DC’s Rebirth means hope

In September of 2011 DC comics editorial decided to re-vamp their comic line following the event of the Flashpoint mini-series. The timeline was ripped apart due to Barry Allen, The Flash going back in time and saving his mother. Hence the system wide re-boot. Heroes that we had grown up with were changed, or deleted all together. These heroes were grittier and darker than what we had known before. Superman even spent months with a t-shirt and jeans as a uniform. Oh yeah, he had also lost his powers as well. We also had Jim Gordon masquerading as Batman in a robotic bunny looking suit. Needless to say these changes rubbed longtime comic collectors the wrong way.


Motor City Comic Con 2016. The Nerd Returns Home

This past weekend more than 50,000 geeks descended on the Suburban Showcase and Collection in Novi this past weekend for the annual Motor City Comic Con. It was a bittersweet even with the untimely passing of two of its scheduled guests. Forii WWE superstar Chyna, and seminal artist Darwin Cooke.


Interview with Jennifer Nangle

geek happeningsGeek Happenings episode 2 is up. I get to talk with Jennifer Nangle about her upcoming horror short Demonic Attachment, Guides web series, and the trials and tribulations of filmmaking. Best Thumbnail ever.




Interview with Joe Eisma

eekYou cageek happeningsThis past weekend thousands of pop culture fans converged on the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi Michigan, for the Motor City Comic Con. There were hundreds of media guests, comic professionals, and vendors crammed into the convention center. I was lucky enough to get a few moments to chat with Joe Eisma, the interior artist and co-creator of the smash hit from Image, Morning Glories. It is described by Nick Spencer as “Runaways Meets Lost.” We talk Marvel, DC, and of course Morning Glories. We talk the pros of working on a creator owned books, and the good and bad of social media. Here is how it went.



geek happeningsThe next big thing firing up the internet this month is the launch of DC’s big crossover series Convergence. A lot of the comic folks I hang out with are pretty much scoffing at it due to the lack of A-list talent on the tie-ins. Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, or Mark Waid are nowhere to be found. Instead we have writers like Sean Parsons, Frank Tieri, and Tom Peyer. Not exactly household names. There are a couple A list writers like Gail Simone and Dan Jurgens. The art department is made up pretty much of unheard of folks as well. Despite all this, I am excited about it.   More

Amazing Spider-Man #17

geek happeningsI think I am one of the few people that has not hated Dan Slott’s run on Superior Spider-Man, and I am really enjoying his and Humberto Ramos’s run on Amazing Spider-Man. Issue #17 is no exception. Peter has always been down on his luck and the type of person that if something can go wrong it will. With the introduction of his company Parker Industries this increases his odds for something going wrong exponentially. I am really glad that they let Peter Parker finally grow up and get rid of his photography gig and let him stretch his scientific muscles. This opens the door to a different types of storylines. This is not your father’s Spidey. More

Nova Annual #1

geek happeningsNova has been one of the big surprises to come out of Marvel’s newer series. I was a fan of Richard Ryder as Nova for a long time. I was not sure how somebody could fill his shoes. I was very pleasantly surprised with the release of Nova #1 and have been following the adventures of 15 year old Sam Alexander’s run as Nova. Nova Annual 1 is no exception. Guest starring the Hulk\Doc Green, makes it even better. The Hulk is another of my favorite characters.


Noms for your Noggin

geek happenings    I first  became aware of Charlie Barangan, Adrianna Prosser, and Daniielle Thorne, after seeing them on another one of my favorite web series Super Geeked Up. An epic rap battle later and I was hooked on these folks and wanted to learn more about their show Cranium Cookie. Not to mention they were geeking out about my favorite comic character Spider-Man. Ahem, anyway, I was really interested in checking out a web series that has a focus on kids and learning. More