Little known sci-fi fact: Lucas wanted Indiana Jones 2 to be a dinosaur movie

The Indiana Jones films are known for their dynamic characters, mystical MacGuffins and meticulous set pieces, yet some of the most intriguing concepts of the series never make it to the screen.

While Steven Spielberg practically reinvented the modern science fiction adventure film withJurassic Park in 1993, very few people know that he almost got the chance to include dinosaurs in the first Indiana Jones prequel nearly 10 years earlier. More

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Enzo Cilenti Joins Cast

Guardians of the Galaxy has apparently nabbed another cast member. — At least, that’s what the would-be cast member in question is claiming. British actor, Enzo, Cilenti recently took to Twitter to tease his apparent joining of the cast for Marvel’s big-screen space odyssey. More

‘Avengers’ Cast And Stingy Marvel Ready To Rumble Over Sequel Cash & Strong-Arming

Robert Downey Jr is set for another huge payday from a mega-hit Marvelmovie, this time Iron Man 3. I’ve learned he’s already made $35 million from the actioner, which grossed $680 million worldwide in its first 12 days. He should exceed his biggest payday to date — that $50M from The Avengerswhich I’ve learned was more like $70M-$80M now that the film is all in. But it’s reallyAvengers 2 where he’ll clean up big-time More

Dungeons + Dragons movie lives again (thanks to Game of Thrones)

It sounds like Dungeons & Dragons might finally get the movie it’s always deserved.

For one of the biggest and oldest franchises in geekdom, D&D has a spotty-at-best record when it comes to the big screen. But thanks in part to Game of Thrones, that might change soon. More

Aliens ruin Pegg and Frost’s epic pub crawl in 1st hilarious World’s End trailer

The guys who brought us the awesome Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz — Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright — have done it again. And now they’ve premiered the first trailer for their new pub-centric film with an alien twist, The World’s End. More

Michael Bay Says No Alien Origin Change for ‘Ninja Turtles’ Reboot

By now, the Ninja Turtles movie reboot – which Michael Bay (Transformers) is producing and Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) is directing – is on the rocks with its fanbase, thanks to a chain of creative decisions that have generally been regarded as ill-conceived at best, baffling at worst. Most infamously, that includes (alleged) changes to the Turtles’ backstory, based on previous comments made by Bay “way” back in 2012. More

WonderCon Trailer For ‘Pacific Rim’ Released Online

Last month, director Guillermo Del Toro debuted a brand new awesome trailer for Pacific Rim at WonderCon and revealed that he only planned to show it there and at CinemaCon. Well, Warner Bros. has now decided to release the action-packed trailer featuring “2,500 tons of awesome” footage and you can check it out below. More

Five Marvel Heroes That Deserve Their Own Movie in Phase III

Black Panther – Do we really need to sell you on how freakin’ awesome it would be to see T’Challa on the big screen? We’ve already been introduced to Vibranium in the MCU, which is Wakanda’s principal export, so why not introduce us to its black-suited badass king too? In the hands of the right actor – *cough* Idris Elba *cough* – we think that Black Panther could quickly become a fan favorite and could easily anchor his own solo outing. If the guy landed Storm as his queen, do you really think he’s going to let a lack of brand recognition stop him? We didn’t think so. More

Summer 2013 Movie Forecast

[singlepic id=115 w=150 h=150 float=left]It’s that time of year again—on May 3rd, the Summer movie season officially begins with the domestic release of Iron Man 3.

Last Summer was very top-heavy with comic book blockbusters The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises; this year’s slate is much more diverse, which should be beneficial to the overall health of the box office. Guaranteed blockbusters include Iron Man 3Star Trek Into DarknessFast & Furious 6Man of Steel,Monsters University and Despicable Me 2, while more original fare like White House DownThe Heat andPacific Rim should do strong business as well.  More


There’s been lots of talk lately of ‘Iron Man 3‘ being the last of the Iron Man movies. And that may very well be a (sad) possibility. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the Iron Man universe. While promoting ‘Iron Man 3,’ star Don Cheadle talked about the very real chance that we’ll see a spinoff War Machine movie in the future. Cheadle even has some very definite ideas on what ‘War Machine’ would be all about. More