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We Be Geeks 203: We Are Super…Powerless

This week on We Be Geeks: The team is all back together again and have a lot of things to talk about. Mike and his family did the Star Wars tours complete with a dessert party. He let us in on all the cool stuff he was able to do, and it sounds like it’s totally worth the price of admission. Powerless is coming to us in a few weeks and a new trailer shows STARRO, which will make for a hysterical episode. The press for Powerless looks great and I think it will hopefully go on for a few seasons. A Series of Unfortunate Events had topped the Marvel Netflix series. Mainly because it has hit its core demographic, but also because the show is awesome. It’s pretty true to the books and Neil Patrick Harris is great as Count Olaf. Lemony Snicket who is the writer of the books appears (Patrick Warburton) and it just adds that something special. The Wonder Woman movie will be out sooner than we think, and we finally have a villain. Ares the God of War will play opposite Wonder Woman. No word on the extent of his role, but it’s sure to be amazing. DC comics will be raising the price of most of its comics from $2.99 to $3.99. Granted you will also get the digital version of the comic, but if you only read the print version, is it worth it? We discuss our thoughts on it. All this and more can grace your ears, but only if you listen!

We Be Geeks 202: Winter Has Cometh

We start off this episode with local winter weather reports from Mike, Brett, and Derrick before moving on to the meat of the show. After that, we mention that all of the CW/DC shows have been renewed, and then discuss the recently announced Wal-Mart exclusives Pops being put out by Funko. We then talk about Woody Harrelson being cast in the upcoming young Han Solo movie, and contemplate the possible characters he could be playing.

After that, we talk a bit about the NES classic system that is nearly impossible to find, and a message to hackers that can be found among the coding of the system. We move back to Star Wars a bit as we discuss rumors of a possible live action Star Wars show in the future, Disney theme parks adding Episode VIII missions to their Star Tours attractions, and the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art finding a future home in the City of Angels.

Next up, we move on to discuss the announcement that DC comics will be putting several of their Rebirth books up for free on Hoopla Digital library site. We mention Deadpool being nominated for a Producer’s Guild Award, and then take a nostalgic trip to NASA as we talk about space shuttles and the Space Center in Florida.

Once we get back on track, we talk about the best science fiction show that can be found on Netflix, discuss Peter Dinklage being cast in the next Avengers movie, and ponder which character he could potentially play before finishing off the episode with a rant session about the future of DC films.

We Be Geeks 201: When A Con Goes Crap

We open the show with an in memoriam of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. We announce the birth of Oliver Julz new baby. We go over the 2017 premiers coming up. We tell you what we are looking forward to seeing. What about you? We talk Lexa Doig making an appearance as Talia Al Ghul, as well as Katie Cassidy returning as Laurel Lance. We also discuss when a con goes so bad Stan Lee can’t save it. We then head to the movies and see that Deadpool has been getting a Writers Guild nomination. Could an Oscar be next? We then talk the most pirated movies of the year. To cleanse our pallets, we go over the worse comic book movie moments of 2016. We talk CNN using a screen shot of Fallout 4’s hacking system to explain how the Russians are hacking the US. We also give out Fallout Andromeda’s release date. Tune in to find out what it is. We end the day discussing the 5 reasons Civil War II disappointed fans. We end the show talking about Deadpool the Duck.

We Be Geeks 200: WeBe Awards 2016

This week on We Be Geeks: We Be Geeks is celebrating 200 episodes! This is no small adventure. Mike has fearlessly been the leader for 200 awesome episodes. Through changes and milestones, he has kept this podcast going. We received some really awesome blurbs from past guests, and they are so great. We appreciate all the guests that took the time to do that. It has been a great time and we look forward to 200 more episodes! This also marks the 2nd annual We Be Awards. Joining us to help celebrate and answer the hard questions is Ken, Kylan, Vickie and Dawn from the Geek Watch One podcast. As we have a round table discussion on all the choices we voted on, things sometimes get off track, and hilarity ensues. We pick not only best comics, but the best TV shows, video games, movies as well as subscription boxes.  It was great to have these guys and gals on again, and there may or may not have been some Channing Tatum craziness. It’s always a great time when they are on and we are so happy to have them. Thank you to all our guests and thank you to Geek Watch One for joining us as we hit another milestone. Here is to many more! 

We Be Geeks 199: Leading Larrys, Brave Chef Resturants

Episode 199, can’t believe it has been that many already. We start the show talking about the massive giveaways we are doing for episode 200. We start off talking about Sonequa Martin-Green getting cast as the leading lady in the new Star Trek: Discovery show. We talk about the implications of her getting the role. Next up is the announcement of a Harley Quinn spinoff movie Gotham City Sirens directed by David Ayer. We talk potential casting for the movie. We talk Nightwing casting. We talk upcoming comics coming out for Free Comic Book day 2016. It is the time for lists as we go through the best comics of 2016 as put out by Barnes and Noble. The 15 best comics moments, the 10 best and five worst shows of 2016, as well as the 10 best and five worst movies of 2016.

We Be Geeks 198: Geeks Reading Comics With Matt Tate

On this episode, we welcome comedian Matt Tate from the podcast Comics Reading Comics.  We begin with Matt explaining what Comics Reading Comics is all about, then explains how he chooses the comics that will be read on the show, and then talks about his comic book roots.  Matt tells us about building his cast of readers from his friends in improve and comedy, then talks about how the podcast is recorded to achieve the optimal chemistry among the cast.  Matt then explains how he splits the show into seasons before talking about some of his favorite comics that have been read on the show, which leads into a discussion about newer comics verses the old classics. 

We then ask Matt if he has had many listener suggestions and what reactions he has gotten from the creators of some of the comics featured on the show.  Matt then tells us about future plans for Comics Reading Comics which include a webseries, and the possibilities of live shows.  Mike throws out a suggestion for Matt and his crew to read Howard the Duck, to the surprise of no one on the podcast, and then Matt gives us his origin story on how he got into comedy, who influenced him in comedy, and how he chose the first book for his podcast.

The list of topics then moves on to the possibility of doing a Youtube channel, the character types his cast is best suited for, the possibility of a musical episode, which Derrick was not happy to hear about, and special holiday episodes of the podcast.  Next, we ask Matt about approaching comic creators, and then have a lengthy discussion about cursing and vulgarity.  We ask Matt about his plans after the New Year, and then get into an informative discussion about Improv.  We talk a bit about women in comics. and then get into a fun discussion about Marvel comics, movies, and television shows. 

We then ask Matt about his favorite movies, and where he can be found on the internet before finishing off the show with an announcement about some of the prizes being given away for our upcoming 200th episode.

We BeGeeks 197: Obi-Wan, Ubi-Wan, Webe-Wan

We are all in the Christmas spirit here on We Be Geeks. Also, Florida is F’ed up. We open the show with talking Supergirl and hints of Batman existing in her universe. Which actor is leaving the Flash universe for the MCU? We tell you, you don’t want to miss it. We talk what character we would want him to play in the MCU. This leads to talk on what Marvel movies we want to see made. Squadron Supreme anyone? We talk Billy Dee Williams returning to voice Two Face in the new Lego Batman movie. Is Sebastian Stan the Winter Soldier going to be taking over for Captain America in some upcoming movie? An Instagram photo of him carrying a silver shield with his trademark red star on it. We can all rest easy. Back to the Future will not be rebooted per writer Robert Zemeckis. We talk Star Trek: Discovery adding three new actors. Will there be an Obi-Wan standalone movie? We tell you why, or why not. We end the night talking Rogue One: A Star Wars story breaking records with ticket pre-sales.

We Be Geeks 196: Gone To The Dogs With Sam Sattin

On this episode, we interview Sam Satiin, writer of the comic book Legend.  Sam starts off by describing the story and characters of Legend, and then we ask him why he chose to write an apocalyptic tale from the point of view of dogs and cats.  We talk about the differences between the world of dogs and cats both in the story, and in real life.  We talk with Sam about the myths and world building of his book, and then discuss the release date of the collected trade for the series. 

Next, we ask Sam how the reaction to the book has been, talk about our love of animals, and then inquire about Sam’s inspiration for Legend.  We ask same when the story will continue, and Sam then discusses the possibility of other stories set in the Legend universe, as well as the possibilities for merchandising and collectibles based on his series.

Before we let Sam go, we talk about the designs of the armor worn by the cat clan in his story, delve into the mystery of what might have happened to the humans in the book, and discuss the skill required to draw animals as opposed to regular human characters. More

We Be Geeks 195: The Fifth Geek With Vivek Tiwary

This week we talk about extended version of The Fifth Beatle graphic novel with writer Vivek J. Tiwary. The book covers the life of legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein. We talk about the early days of the Beatles. We talk favorite Beatles songs, and his impact on the music world. We talk about why Vivek chose the graphic novel medium instead of writing a novel. We also talk about the upcoming TV adaptation, and the reaction of the fans and the surviving Beatles to the book. We talk about Brian’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. We talk about his work on Broadway with Green Day’s American Idiot, and his upcoming work with Alanis Morrisette and his adaptation of her album Jagged Little Pill. You don’t want to miss this episode.

We Be Geeks 194: Something Good Comes Out Of Today

This week on We Be Geeks: The entire team is back together and ready to talk geek! Something good comes out of today! Wizard World was on Julz’s radar as she attended this past weekend. While there were great things about Wizard World Pittsburgh, it sadly isn’t returning. It’s not on the list for next years shows. It still may be possible, and we are hoping so. Speaking of Wizard World, Stephen Shamus (former Chief Marketing Officer) was recently fired for obtaining autographs from the celebrities, and selling them. He is no longer with Wizard World, but one wonders how much this has hurt them. Is Jessica Jones, Daredevil, or Luke Cage a better show? We discuss this much more in depth on this show. Speaking of Netflix, Stranger Things is adding some new cast members. Still no word on when the hit show will return, but we are all waiting patiently. Pacific Rim has begun filming it’s second movie. It has hit some bumps in the road, but is on its way to us in 2018. Out 200th episode is coming up very soon, and we have some very cool prizes to one lucky winner. Stay tuned for your chance to win.