It is Meredith’s world, and we are just living in it.

It is Meredith’s world, and we are just living in it.

When we spoke with Meredith Finch on the We Be Geeks podcast, it was just before her new project for Image Comics called Rose came out. We are now two issues in. With issue 2 having released on May 17th. When we spoke to Meredith about the new project, one of the things she was most excited about was Rose being her own character, and the setting was the world that she had created. She had just come off a great run on Wonder Woman, and with the history that comes with such a historic character, she was excited to be able to stretch her legs on her own creation. Stretch her legs she has. It’s Meredith’s world, and we’re just living in it. Her co-conspirator on this venture is artist Ig Guara, whose art fits this fantasy story so well. One of my favorite aspects of his art is his facial expressions. He makes Rose look fierce, and feminine at the same time.


Review: Terminal Point by Bruce Zick

Love time travel, quirky love relationships, and atomic steam punk? Then the reissue of Bruce Zick’s Terminal Point is a must have. Terminal Point was first published in 1993 by Dark Horse Comics, Caliber Comics has since brought back this classic in all of its DuoShade glory and has just recently released  it as a graphic novel.

Set in 1993, Terminal Point documents the adventures of Pilot, a web runner employed by a secret agency called Terminus. Pilot rides a  time traveling vehicle called Equus. Together they set up terminal points for Terminus. Terminal points are points used by Terminus to allow the corporation to control time itself. They place beacons in territories they don’t own. Some of the terminal points come at a cost however, much to the disadvantage of the natives who already settling the land. Things begin to unravel for Pilot when negotiations with a group of indigenous people go horribly awry. 

After traveling back in time seeking safety,  Pilot comes in contact with the aluring and velvet toned Byrnn Stone. She’s the vocalist at the Silver Crescent Club. She is also the  girlfriend of Robert Rhodes, a freakin’ genius inventor whose inventions get a major puch in the boost deprtment when he’s exposed to tech from the future. A budding love triangle develops as Byrnn is caught between Rhodes and her new found feelings for Pilot. Tensions escalate between Pilot and Rhodes as Terminus close in on the rogue web runner. Apparently Pilot isn’t all that he appears to be.  

Zick’s art is very detailed with his line work and I love the Duo-Shade process for adding tones to his drawings making ther pop. Even with  advances in the production process, Zick’s art looks as it was originally intended with that the film noior feel. The steampunk designs give Terminal Point an awesome look and it’s a great visual fit to his previous work, The Zone Continuum. Perhaps Zick will be given the chance marry the two narratives together one day.

Terminal Point is an entertaining to read and is still fresh 20 plus years after it’s original release. 

Big Blockbuster Boredom

In the latter days of 2015, I remember looking at the list of movies coming out in 2016 and thinking, “next year is going to be an amazing year for movies.  There is so much good stuff coming out.”  Now, here it is, the middle of August in 2016, and I find myself wondering what happened to all those movies I was excited about?  Did I kid myself into thinking there was a ton of great movies coming out?  I don’t think I was fooling myself, I seem to recall actually believing that this year would be full of nonstop excitement when looking ahead to the crop of blockbusters coming out this year.  And yet, here I am, just over halfway through the year in the aftermath of the summer movie season, feeling somewhat let down and disappointed overall.  It’s not that the movies this year were bad per se, with one or two exceptions, rather, it is that most of the movies this year turned out to be just…..average, pedestrian, formulaic, uninspired, etc.

Let’s take a look back at the once promising list and see if we can figure out just where things went wrong. More

We Be Geeks Review: The Zone Continuum

It is my honor and pleasure to bring you this review. It has been a while and I have been so busy with life away from the site and show that this review is long overdue. This review marks the return of The Zone Continuum series from multi talented artist Bruce Zick. The original Zone Continuum published by Caliber Comics in 1992. Zick rebooted the series in 2006 as a web comic for Komikwerks. The series has now returned in the form of an all-new graphic novel expanding on Zick’s previous work.

Before delving into this comic, I would recommend highly checking out the forward and the glossary at the end of the book. This will make understanding all the unusual names easier and give you a general idea of what is going on, and therefore reading the comic more enjoyable.

Set in a world high above the surface, The Zone Continuum takes to the rooftops above New York City. Hidden from human eyes by ancient technology, the Dar struggle to live in a world separated by extra-dimensional Zones. This and the ravaging by the humans with the pollution they created. The Dar once walked among the humans but with advancements in human technology, their very survival has been threatened. Radiation from satellites and other human tech have made the planet toxic, causing the Zones to collapse and give rise to monstrous entities. These Zones exist only in the sky and are the only safe haven for the Dar.

The Zone Continuum highlights not just  the damage being done to the environment but also deals with the ravages of isolation and the effects each of our actions and decisions can have, whether we know it or not, on others. As humans wage their wars and continue to pollute the Earth, their harm causes not only ill effects on  the planet but also puts the very existence of the Dar in peril. The shrinking zones have put the relationship between Talon and Paris is a peril. The pain of their separation is two-fold – not only felt by them being apart but also by the physical pain they must endure when they try to reach each other by breaching the Zones they inhabit.

The Zone Continuum is great a read as a showcase of Bruce Zick’s highly impressive art style developed from his years of experience in both the animation and comic industry, and a great sci-fi comic to boot.

From the art deco look and the frail love story, I highly recommend picking up this book at places like or from the Dark Horse shop.


WBG Review/Unboxing: Hero Box – Captain America v2.0

wbg review w bgp You heard me talk about it both on We Be Geeks and Mighty Marvel Geeks. Now see it for yourself, here is the Hero Box from I picked the Captain America v2.0 box to start. being a Cap fan I felt this was the best theme so I could promote it on both shows.

Here is how it works: More


wbg review w bgpWBCPIt is that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL! Here where I am at in Florida, schools start back on the 24th, New York, September 9th. Other parts of the country, you are back now, but it is the back to school supplies that has me writing this review with the help of WB Consumer Products. From lunch box/ thermos combos to pencil boxes to locker binders DC Entertainment has you covered. More

Now Geek This Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, a reboot of the Mad Max franchise of the early eighties that made Mel Gibson a star.  The reboot, directed by original Mad Max director George Miller, stars Tom Hardy as the new version of the titular character Mad Max.  The film also stars Charlize Theron, who does an excellent job as one of the other main characters in the film, Imperator Furiosa.   More

Review: The Man With The Iron Fists 2

wbg review w bgpWow what a weekend, MegaCon for Mike, Steel City Comic Con for Julz, Daredevil on Netflix,Game of Thrones on HBO and today on Blu-Ray and DVD, The Man With the Iron Fists 2 is released. Did you liked the first film, then you like The Man With the Iron Fists 2. TMWTIF2 is also done in a grindhouse style mixing the feel of a martial arts film  but with a hip-hop soundtrack.. You don’t have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one, it gives you enough of a synapsis from TMWTIFso you don’t feel lost. Part 2 gives you the ending of previous film,

The silver mine is run by Master Ho (Carl Ng),he has enslaved the village to his command with help from his Beetle Clan. Li (Dustin Nguyen) is the spokesman for the miners and is also a a champion for the villiage. Thaddeus (RZA ) gets defeated early on his quest to find redemption, Buddha, and his inner peace. More

Nova Annual #1

geek happeningsNova has been one of the big surprises to come out of Marvel’s newer series. I was a fan of Richard Ryder as Nova for a long time. I was not sure how somebody could fill his shoes. I was very pleasantly surprised with the release of Nova #1 and have been following the adventures of 15 year old Sam Alexander’s run as Nova. Nova Annual 1 is no exception. Guest starring the Hulk\Doc Green, makes it even better. The Hulk is another of my favorite characters.


Noms for your Noggin

geek happenings    I first  became aware of Charlie Barangan, Adrianna Prosser, and Daniielle Thorne, after seeing them on another one of my favorite web series Super Geeked Up. An epic rap battle later and I was hooked on these folks and wanted to learn more about their show Cranium Cookie. Not to mention they were geeking out about my favorite comic character Spider-Man. Ahem, anyway, I was really interested in checking out a web series that has a focus on kids and learning. More