Marvelette Missives – Getting Serious

I am not usually into “serious” superhero comics. Don’t get me wrong, I do read comics that would not be considered “fun” (like Outcast), but when it comes to heroes, I prefer things a little less serious (Deadpool is my favorite character, after all). But there are a couple of books on my pull list that qualify, especially The Ultimates.

Those who know me might be a bit surprised that I enjoy this title enough to buy it by the issue (I read a lot of trades). The Ultimates is a group of science-focused heroes spending the majority of their time in space, who address the “ultimate” problems of the universe. It’s a serious group with a serious mandate. So why do I like it?

First, the characters. When the revamped title was announced last year it caught my eye because Captain Marvel is on the team and she’s in my top five faves. The other members are Black Panther, Ms. America, Spectrum and Blue Marvel. It’s an interesting mix of intellect, powers and personalities.

Second, the problems. Yes, the purpose of the team really is to solve huge problems. The first one they deal with is Galactus and his habit of devouring worlds. Seriously… HUGE problems.

Third, the plot. Al Ewing is a really engaging writer and I like the direction he’s taking the plot. It’s not just a matter of the team solving a problem – he addresses the consequences and repercussions of their actions within the team itself and from the outside.

The Ultimates may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I’ll admit that it helps to be a Marvel fan who has read some classic storylines and knows the characters. But if the big issue, more serious side of things is what you’re looking for in comics, I would recommend the current run.

Marvelette Missives – A Perfect War

It should come as no surprise that I saw Captain America: Civil War last weekend (well, Thursday night to be exact). I am a Marvel chick, after all. So I want to explain why I think this is an almost perfect superhero movie. (Very minor spoilers ahead – I don’t give away the good stuff.)

There are five important aspects to every superhero movie: plot, characters, pacing, humor and action. (These can be said to apply to all movies in varying degrees.) So let’s take each in turn and show what Civil War does right. More

Marvelette Missives – All the Deadpool

If you don’t know by now that I’m a Deadpool fangirl, you’ve obviously not been reading this blog or listening to Geek Watch One. But anyway, we all know Deadpool opened this past weekend and, of course, I was there Thursday night to see it. (I’ve already seen it a second time too.) So it was a pretty obvious choice to make this week’s blog a review of the movie… a spoiler-filled, geekgasm heavy review. So if you haven’t yet seen the film and don’t want to know all the details, here’s my one sentence, spoiler-free review: This is everything a fan could want in a Deadpool movie – the characters are done right, there is violence and mayhem galore, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Now that that’s done, stop reading because the rest of this post is full of spoilers! More

WBG Review/Unboxing: Hero Box – Captain America v2.0

wbg review w bgp You heard me talk about it both on We Be Geeks and Mighty Marvel Geeks. Now see it for yourself, here is the Hero Box from I picked the Captain America v2.0 box to start. being a Cap fan I felt this was the best theme so I could promote it on both shows.

Here is how it works: More


wbg review w bgpWBCPIt is that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL! Here where I am at in Florida, schools start back on the 24th, New York, September 9th. Other parts of the country, you are back now, but it is the back to school supplies that has me writing this review with the help of WB Consumer Products. From lunch box/ thermos combos to pencil boxes to locker binders DC Entertainment has you covered. More

Now Geek This Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, a reboot of the Mad Max franchise of the early eighties that made Mel Gibson a star.  The reboot, directed by original Mad Max director George Miller, stars Tom Hardy as the new version of the titular character Mad Max.  The film also stars Charlize Theron, who does an excellent job as one of the other main characters in the film, Imperator Furiosa.   More

Review: The Man With The Iron Fists 2

wbg review w bgpWow what a weekend, MegaCon for Mike, Steel City Comic Con for Julz, Daredevil on Netflix,Game of Thrones on HBO and today on Blu-Ray and DVD, The Man With the Iron Fists 2 is released. Did you liked the first film, then you like The Man With the Iron Fists 2. TMWTIF2 is also done in a grindhouse style mixing the feel of a martial arts film  but with a hip-hop soundtrack.. You don’t have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one, it gives you enough of a synapsis from TMWTIFso you don’t feel lost. Part 2 gives you the ending of previous film,

The silver mine is run by Master Ho (Carl Ng),he has enslaved the village to his command with help from his Beetle Clan. Li (Dustin Nguyen) is the spokesman for the miners and is also a a champion for the villiage. Thaddeus (RZA ) gets defeated early on his quest to find redemption, Buddha, and his inner peace. More

Nova Annual #1

geek happeningsNova has been one of the big surprises to come out of Marvel’s newer series. I was a fan of Richard Ryder as Nova for a long time. I was not sure how somebody could fill his shoes. I was very pleasantly surprised with the release of Nova #1 and have been following the adventures of 15 year old Sam Alexander’s run as Nova. Nova Annual 1 is no exception. Guest starring the Hulk\Doc Green, makes it even better. The Hulk is another of my favorite characters.


Noms for your Noggin

geek happenings    I first  became aware of Charlie Barangan, Adrianna Prosser, and Daniielle Thorne, after seeing them on another one of my favorite web series Super Geeked Up. An epic rap battle later and I was hooked on these folks and wanted to learn more about their show Cranium Cookie. Not to mention they were geeking out about my favorite comic character Spider-Man. Ahem, anyway, I was really interested in checking out a web series that has a focus on kids and learning. More

Review: Audio-Technica AT2005USB USB/XLR Microphone

wbg review w bgpAs many know, I am the host of We Be Geeks and Mighty Marvel Geeks. I have recently upgraded the microphone (mic) that I use as well as the mics Marty, Julz and Eric use as well. The mics we are all using are the Audio-Technica AT2005USB. Speaking for myself When I started podcasting in November 2012, my mic of choice was the Audio-Technica ATR2100USB. It is a great mic as well and has served me well on the the air for both shows. While the ATR2100USB is now my convention/field mic, I am loving the AT2005USB. More