Now Geek This Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

nowgeekthisIn this edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, a reboot of the Mad Max franchise of the early eighties that made Mel Gibson a star.  The reboot, directed by original Mad Max director George Miller, stars Tom Hardy as the new version of the titular character Mad Max.  The film also stars Charlize Theron, who does an excellent job as one of the other main characters in the film, Imperator Furiosa.   More

Review: The Man With The Iron Fists 2

wbg review w bgpWow what a weekend, MegaCon for Mike, Steel City Comic Con for Julz, Daredevil on Netflix,Game of Thrones on HBO and today on Blu-Ray and DVD, The Man With the Iron Fists 2 is released. Did you liked the first film, then you like The Man With the Iron Fists 2. TMWTIF2 is also done in a grindhouse style mixing the feel of a martial arts film  but with a hip-hop soundtrack.. You don’t have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one, it gives you enough of a synapsis from TMWTIFso you don’t feel lost. Part 2 gives you the ending of previous film,

The silver mine is run by Master Ho (Carl Ng),he has enslaved the village to his command with help from his Beetle Clan. Li (Dustin Nguyen) is the spokesman for the miners and is also a a champion for the villiage. Thaddeus (RZA ) gets defeated early on his quest to find redemption, Buddha, and his inner peace. More

Nova Annual #1

geek happeningsNova has been one of the big surprises to come out of Marvel’s newer series. I was a fan of Richard Ryder as Nova for a long time. I was not sure how somebody could fill his shoes. I was very pleasantly surprised with the release of Nova #1 and have been following the adventures of 15 year old Sam Alexander’s run as Nova. Nova Annual 1 is no exception. Guest starring the Hulk\Doc Green, makes it even better. The Hulk is another of my favorite characters.


Noms for your Noggin

geek happenings    I first  became aware of Charlie Barangan, Adrianna Prosser, and Daniielle Thorne, after seeing them on another one of my favorite web series Super Geeked Up. An epic rap battle later and I was hooked on these folks and wanted to learn more about their show Cranium Cookie. Not to mention they were geeking out about my favorite comic character Spider-Man. Ahem, anyway, I was really interested in checking out a web series that has a focus on kids and learning. More

Review: Audio-Technica AT2005USB USB/XLR Microphone

wbg review w bgpAs many know, I am the host of We Be Geeks and Mighty Marvel Geeks. I have recently upgraded the microphone (mic) that I use as well as the mics Marty, Julz and Eric use as well. The mics we are all using are the Audio-Technica AT2005USB. Speaking for myself When I started podcasting in November 2012, my mic of choice was the Audio-Technica ATR2100USB. It is a great mic as well and has served me well on the the air for both shows. While the ATR2100USB is now my convention/field mic, I am loving the AT2005USB. More

Dying is forever…unless it isn’t…

geek happeningsI first became aware of Kory Shrum through Twitter. I knew she was a writer but had no idea about what she had written. Then she started mentioning the second book of her Jesse Sullivan book series “Dying by the Hour.” It sounded so interesting I had to go and check out the first book of the series “Dying for a Living.” I am glad I did. I was instantly hooked by the character of Jesse Sullivan. She was snarky, and witty. Not unlike two of my other favorite characters from novels, Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” series as well as Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s “Hollows” series.


We Be Geeks Review: Mimoco Star Wars MimoPowerTubes

wbg review w bgpI apologize for the delay in this review but it also gave me extra time putting these through their paces. What am I talking about? The back up batteries from Mimoco called the MimoPowerTube 2600. The ones I have are from the Star Wars series. I got the 4 Star Wars MimoPowerTubes (Darth Vader, C-3PO, Stormtrooper and Luke’s Lightsaber) right before going on vacation for the holidays. Now a disclaimer, when my family travels we carry a lot of tech and the AC power cables to go with it while at the hotel or where ever we might be staying. That is cool and all but what about that time in between, the travel time. That is why I got these. Now the tech we carry on a trip: 2 tablets (sometimes 3), 3 phones and 2 ipods. And be it in a car or at the airport/on a plane, you must have power when you can’t get to an outlet or access your power cables. That is were the MimoPowerTubes come in handy.  More

American Captain Hockey Jersey by Sublimation Kings review

wbg review w bgpMike here with another We Be Geeks review. This review I will cover Sublimation Kings ( American Captain Jersey.

A little backstory on Sublimation Kings: The Sublimation Kings are 2 guys with Bachelors Degrees in Graphic Design who love creating top notch sports apparel and love playing sports and looking good while doing it, not necessarily playing good but at least looking good. They don’t mess around when it comes to custom jerseys, they design them as if More

Now Geek This: A Review of Game Companion

nowgeekthisHello, and welcome to the latest edition of Now Geek This.  Recently, I was contacted by a man named Brian Morelan, who asked me to review his short film, “Game Companion”. which I was more than happy to do.  Game Companion is both written and directed by Brian, and stars Gord Bestwick, Leon Potter, Julie Townsend, Sydney Howlett, and Hanah Ryan.  The costumes in the film were designed by cosplayer Kari Klyne. More

Review: Star Wars Backpacks From Bioworld Merchandising

wbg review w bgpI’m going to review some backpacks from Bioworld Merchandising. The backpacks are made with a tough mix of polyester, PVC, and nylon. They offer several options, Galactic Empire (Darth Vader/Tie Pilot) Icon, Mandalorian Armor (Boba Fett) Icon, Rebel Alliance (Luke Skywalker)  Icon, R2-D2 Icon, and Stormtrooper Icon. New options are coming this fall/winter. The backpacks I will be reviewing are the Galactic Empire Icon and the Mandalorian Armor Icon backpacks.

IMG_2937 More