Tales from the Geek Side: Smothered The Review


What do you get when after a convention appearance gig turns out to be wildly unsuccessful and unpleasant, Smothered, a comedy horror film by John Schnieder. A group of cult horror icons, Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Moseley, Don Shanks, and Malcom Danare, find themselves persuaded to “haunt” a trailer park for the promise of $1,000 a piece for what should be relatively easy work. When they arrive they meet their employer – the trailer park’s owner – an unpleasant old bat named Agnes and her much more pleasant (at least to the eye) daughter DeeDee, who lives up to that name in the most obvious way. The group arrives at the park but soon discovers that there is more to the job than they had initially been expected and that their own lives are at risk. More

Now Geek This: Robocop Review

cooltext1205573672 In this edition, I will be reviewing the remake, or is that reboot, of Robocop, directed by Jose Padilha.  The movie stars Joel Kinnaman as Detective Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty and reborn as the half man, half machine Robocop by the corporation known as Omnicorp to police the streets of crime ridden Detroit.


Now Geek This: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

cooltext1205573672Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Now Geek This.  Today, I will be reviewing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, directed by fan favorite Peter Jackson. 

Before I begin my review, I must reveal two important factors regarding my viewing of this movie.  The first thing I must disclose is that I have not read the Hobbit or even watched the Rankin/Bass cartoon since I was a very young child, so the exact details of the story are a distant memory to me.  I know what you are thinking, “blasphemy!”  Just hold on a minute, I think that gave me a fresh perspective on these movies.  I know the basic story of the Hobbit of course; it is just the exact details of the story that elude me.


Dark Horse makes a 'Sacrifice'

SACRI-HC-4x6-SOLRemember how the end of the world was supposed to happen last year? I was not fooled either. But Sam Humphries saw it as an opportunity to use it as a basis for Sacrifice, a 6 part series following Hector, a Joy Division fan and an epileptic like Humphries himself. This man from San Diego is thrown back in time 700 years in a psychedelic journey to heart of of the Aztec Empire. I found this series a great read with all the insight into the Aztec culture and history. More

Far Cry 3 Review

Welcome to my first ever blog with the webegeeks team! Hope you enjoy this game review! First would like to thank Mike for the opportunity to share my love for video games with my fellow geeks and I take pride in my work! More

Grahpic Novel Review: Doctor Atlantis Vol 1 & 2

Rare Earth Comics ( has blessed us with 2 graphic novels to review. Volume One is out and available now while Volume 2 of Rare Earth Comics’ series Doctor Atlantis drops May 8th, 2013. Doctor Atlantis is a steampunk title set during the age of exploration. It’s an alternate history story about Dr. Julius Fowler, the captain of the Atlantis, her majesty’s deep seas exploration vessel . It was created by Ian Ally-Seal and Carl Mefferd. Ally-Seals is the Editor-in-Chief with David Robles as Art Directer. Douglass Hansen is the Director of Productions and Tim Durning is the Cover Colorist.  So to get to the nitty gritty, HOW IS IT? More


The fine folks at The Flatiron Film Company has given us a copy of THE OFFICIAL DIGIMON ADVENTURE SET: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON and DIGIMON ADVENTURE: VOLUME 2 for review. Let me be your guide into the Digital World. While my niece will hate me for saying this, I prefer Digimon over Pokemon. More

DC’s Superhero Royal Rumble Injustice Is Action-Packed, But Dumb

There aren’t many moments in the storyline of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a recently released fighting game based on the DC comic universe, where people aren’t punching each other in the face. More

Digital Blue: Lightsaber Flashlights and Speaker Docks

102_0897So I’m going to review some products from Digital Blue.

First up to bat will be the lightsaber flashlights. The lightsabers coming three options, Darth Maul, Anakin, and Yoda.

Godzilla vs Biollante Blu-ray review

I am going to review the Blu-ray experience of this movie distributed by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

The menus is laid out very nice with Play Movie, Scene Select, Language Setup, and Bonus Features. Being an Audiophile, I had to laugh at the choices for the Audio set up; 5.1 DTS Japanese, 2.0 DTS Japanese, or 1.0 Dolby Digital. There are also 3 offers for Subtitles as well. The menu graphics shows the updated logo title and a loop window of various clips from the film and an example of the wire frame military graphics of Godzilla.  More