We Be Geeks

WBG Episode 30: The Manga Marvel Tale Of Lobster Boy

Mike and Eric are back for Episode 30. They discuss the 3 Saturday panels at SDCC that are a must hit. The talk about the proposed  X-Force film and announced writer and the latest news on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hugh Jackman wants ot be in Avengers and and a Happy Birthday to Famicom who turns 30. They talk about the kickstaters for Warmachine Tactics, Atomic Robo and The Middleman and an Anime wrapup and a tale of Mike becoming Lobster Boy. Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 29: The WeBeGeeks Casting Couch Vol 1

They are back and discussing the big news of the week, George Perez signing with Boom! Studios. Mike and Eric also give the casting suggestions on a number of films. Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 28: WeBeGeeks, We Be Edumacated!

Mike and Eric are back discussing the secrets of the Lone ranger (trivia). They also talk about Booty Bin and the announced Mimoco SDCC exclusives. Mike rants about the lack of female super heroes for his daughter. Stan Lee “announces” Black Panther and Mike and Eric talk about that news. Eric informs us of the news of Image going DRM Free with their comics. Final Fanasy X/X2 gets a make over. and a bit more. Vivia Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 27: Leave Gwen Stacy Alone!

Leave her alone, LEAVE GWEN STACY ALONE! Mike has the sniffles and the guys talk about Mary Jane’s removal from Amazing Spider-Man 2. Eric talks about the Ouya launch. Mike and Eric agree it is stupid for Jim Carrey to not promote Kick-Ass 2 for being to violent. Then Mike and Eric discuss We Got This Covered’s story on 10 Superheroes that need their own movie and then give their own list. Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 26: Geeks of Steel

Mike & Eric return. They discuss new Marvel Cinematic Universe news. They talk about E3 and the winner between the Xbox one and the Playstation 4. The guys also talk about Green Lantern: New Guardians, Superman Unchained, Batman 21: Zero Year. Mike gives his review (Spoiler Alert) of Man of Steel. The guy also talk the consumer products that support Man of Steel. Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 25: The Guardians of the Silver Podcast

Mike and Eric celebrate WeBeGeeks 25th episode in good fashion. With a special shout out & thank you to Coliseum of Comicsin Kissimmee allowing us to post a flyer up in thier shop. The guys discuss 3 stories related to The Guardians of the Galaxy. Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who, and the internet reaction to Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode. Mike and Eric sorta debated which would be better, a Justice League  movie or a Teen Titans movie, email us at webegeekspc@gmail.com and let us know! Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 24: Doomed, Doomed I Say!

WBGP-PODOn this week’s show, Mike and Eric are joined by Marty Langford and Mark Sikes to talk about their upcoming documentary “Doomed: The Untold story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four” (Doomed’s Indiegogo). Find out the backstory of the unreleased feature film starring Marvel’s First Family. In addition, we recap the week in comics, talk about Glenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy, and dispel the rumors about the iPad Maxi.

WBG Episode 23: Kaiju, Robots And Rebels, Oh My!

WBGP-PODMike and Eric recap the comics of the week. They discuss Whedon’s announcement of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch in Avengers 2. Can you smell that? The guys did when the talked about Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as possibly Luke Cage. They chat about Doomed: the Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four. (Doomed’s Indiegogo). Of course they don’t forget about Microsoft’s Xbox One, well almost forgot, and Star Wars Rebels, the upcoming animated series and more. VIVA GEEK REVOLUTION!

WBG Episode 22: This Episode Is Too Philosophical For Me

WBGP-PODMike is joined this week by staffers Victoria and Eric. They discuss the TV Upfronts, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Gremlins remake, Big Hero 6 and just J.J. Abrams said “Star Trek was too philosophical for me.” Shout outs included Rare Earth Comics (http://rareearthcomics.com/) and Gentleman Baby Comics (http://www.gentlemanbabycomics.com/) Also talked about how you kill a Batman movie franchise. Viva Geek Revolution!

WBG Episode 21: Order 67-Wookiee Hunters, Whohaha!

WBGP-PODWow,Victoria joins Mike and  it seems like not matter who Mike is paired with the news is all Marvel and Star Wars. World of Warcraft loses 1.3 million subscribers. Marvel talks about 3 new characters they want to turn into movies, 300 sequeal pushed back and a bunch of domains purchased my Disney/Lucas for either upcoming games or animation shows.