We Be Geeks

WBG Episode 6: King of the Nerds, Really

WBGP-PODHello! It’s been a been a while folks since the last podcast. Hope everyone got out of the holidays with some good geek stuff. In this episode we discuss the reemergence of talks in regards to the new Star Wars TV series, a new Batman movie and 2012 a year in review.

WBG Episode 5: Geek the Season

WBGP-PODEpisode 5 is here to spread holiday cheer. Ok, cheesy I know but roll with it.  After a 2 week hiatus we are back talking our faces off.  In this episode we discuss, Gail Simone’s firing and return to Bat-Girl, Star Trek news, Spider-Man 2 news, my boring reason for wearing a neck brace and much more.  Thanks for listening!

WBG Episode 4: Clash of the Pods

WBGP-PODEpisode 4 is up and ready for consumption.  This week we discuss Mimoco, The Walking Dead, Tech TV!!!! Wii Mini, Thor vs Hulk, Darkseid vs Thanos vs Galactus and a few other gems.  What??? No Star Wars????  As always have as much fun listening as we had making it.

WBG Episode 3: Shall We Pod A Game


We made it to the third episode of the podcast.  We talk PC gaming, the first PC games we ever played, Single vs. Multiplayer games, Star Wars again, WII U, where Intel is headed and a review of The Amazing Spider-Man. Join us for loads of fun and once again thanks for supporting us.

WBG Episode 2: The Wrath of Pod

Here we go with Episode 2.  In this episode we talk about Independence Day 3D plans, Marvel Phase One Blu-Ray, X-Files, Transformers Prime, Star Wars writers and a whole lot more.  Again, we appreciate you listening.  And always remember that a day without anything geekdom is a day worth sleeping through.

WBG Episode 1: The Phantom Podcast

WBGP-PODThe WeBeGeeks first podcast is officially here.  In our first episode we talk about the latest Star Wars news, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Wii U, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Skyfall and some other random mumblings. We hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording this podcast.  And always remember that a day without anything geekdom is a day worth sleeping through.