Marvelette Missives – Introducing Legion

First announced in October 2015 and set to premiere in February 2017, Legion is a collaboration between FX and Marvel Television. It’s based on a comicbook character of the same name, who is the mutant son of Professor Xavier – yes, the one from X-Men. This is the first series to have a direct tie-in to the X-Men movies.  More

We Be Geeks 193: Sports & Weather On The 5’s

We begin this episode with Mike demonstrating his newest podcasting toy, which somehow leads into a bit of reminiscing about the old show WKRP in Cincinnati (Sports and Weather on the 5’s). After that bit of fun, we move on to talk a bit about the recent announcement that comic creator Steve Orlando will be soon be putting out a new series with Boom Studios titled “Namesake”. Next, we move on to talk a bit about Justice League and Flash comics, which then leads into a discussion about the Legends of Tomorrow show in which we joke about the bad CGI of a “hulked out Nazi” seen in a recent episode.
Next, we move over to Marvel as we discuss Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain leaving More

We Be Geeks 192: Lip Syncing With Nicole & Tonya

We have Nicole Wright and Tonya Dodds from the Nicole and Tonya Show on the podcast tonight. We talk about the mad lip synching skills on the show. We talk the rigors of having a weekly show. We talk about Nicole’s chances of being a mascot. We talk about their favorite segments and ones that did not come out the way they wanted to. We talk about our favorite Netflix shows, and how web series are making it into the Netflix realm. We talk about Tonya’s upcoming film Red Spring, hopefully coming out Q2 2017. How long will the show last? Tonya and Nicole tell us their thoughts on it. We talk mean Tonya, and fear of elevators. We talk about our favorite shows that have started up. We even talk sports. What? You heard that right.

Marvelette Missives – Introducing Powers

Based on a comic book series written by Brian Michael Bendis, Powers was an original series for the PlayStation Network. It’s a world where superheroes exist alongside humans and follows two detectives, one of whom used to have super powers, who investigate crimes that involve superhumans. More

We Be Geeks 191: We Be Unsung Heroes With Devin Peacock

This week on We Be Geeks: Special guest star Devin Peacock joins the team to talk about his creation, Unsung Heroes. From what inspired him to make this awesome Web Series, to the plans for a pilot episode, we have all the awesome details! Devin is not only an actor, but a singer and a dancer. He also creates custom made action figures! He is pretty much a Superhero himself, and it’s all in a days work for him.  Devin’s enthusiasm is contagious, and you will definitely love hearing about his journey that led him to Unsung Heroes. Also, what are Devin’s favorite Superhero team ups? You will have to listen to find out.

Marvelette Missives – Introducing Lucifer

The second season of Lucifer started a couple weeks ago on Fox. For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s a crime drama with a twist. The main character is Lucifer Morningstar – THE Lucifer. He’s gotten tired of Hell and has come to Earth, Los Angeles to be more specific, to encourage the human race to indulge their passions. He runs a piano bar, has a demon right hand woman and helps the LAPD catch criminals… in his own unique way. More

We Be Geeks 190: Getting A Clue About WB\DC

Although it was a bit of a slow news week, we still managed to find a few things to talk about.   First, we start off by talking about the premieres of Flash and Arrow on the CW.  We give our thoughts on the first episodes, and talk about the upcoming season.  Next, we discuss the announcement that friend of the show Bruce Zick is rereleasing his Zone Continuum comic book at Dark Horse Comics.  The conversation then moves to the announcement that the cult film based on a board game Clue will be coming to theaters as a live stage show, then move on to a discussion about Jimmy Olsen becoming the hero known as Guardian on the Supergirl show.  We talk about Lego announcing a set based on the Beatles Yellow Submarine that features an adorable version of the Fab Four, then discuss a released image of actress Amber Heard as Mera, the wife of Aquaman before moving back to more Lego talk with sets based on DC Superhero Girls line.

Moving on to movie and television news, More

Marvelette Missives – The Vision

Whether you’re a Marvel movie fan or you read the comics (or both!), you’ve heard of Vision. He’s actually had a few iterations over the years, beginning as an alien in 1940 through the android/synthoid most are familiar with from the MCU. He has a long history in comics and has primarily appeared with the Avengers or various members thereof, though he did have a couple four-issue series runs of his own (1994 and 2003).  More

We Be Geeks 189: Mighty Costumes Galore

We start out the show talking about Warren Ellis taking over the Wildstorm imprint for DC. We move on to talking Dynamite! taking over the rights for Mighty Mouse and Charmed comics. We talk the CW Hero Box. Which of the CW’s characters have the best costumes? We run down the top 14 costumes. Did they get the list right? Find out here. The Punisher has started filming. Are you looking as forward to it as we are? We talk Comic Con and how much celebrities make at the cons. It will blow your mind. We thought it was going to turn into a Mike’s grind my gears section. We talk Gears of War heading to the Big Screen. Suicide Squad is coming out with an extended cut on Blu-Ray. We talk about Disney’s Spaceport and the new ride Stormtrooper Battle Escape ride. Want to know more? Just listen to the show. We talk about the upcoming shows that we are looking forward to for the upcoming week.

Marvelette Missives – Introducing Krypton

Fans of the Man of Steel have been waiting for Krypton since the show was first announced by Syfy more than a year ago. Not a lot has happened in that time, but they are finally getting beyond rumors and general development, announcing actual characters and casting. More