We Be Geeks 228: If There Is Enough Money Involved

We Be Geeks 228: If There Is Enough Money Involved

This week, the guys are excited to have their old friend Julz back on the podcast.  However, Brett is once again MIA, causing Mike and Derrick to once again wonder if Brett and Julz are, in fact, the same person.  They have not been shown otherwise yet……

Topics discussed on this episode:
1. Netflix purchases Mark Millar’s Millarworld imprint
2. The Karate Kid is making a comeback!  Sort of…
3. Karl Urban could star in the upcoming Dredd TV series after all
4. Agents of SHIELD is coming back on the air sooner than expected, but why?
5. Disney has announced that they are pulling their properties off of Netflix for a very special reason
6. The rumors about the cancellation of the Fantastic Four comic series are actually true?
7. A remake of Cannonball Run is in development 

Marvelette Missives – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

At Comic-Con International in July, it was announced that the fourth (and final) volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had been completed, though no release date has been set. Written by Alan Moore, with art by Kevin O’Neill, the series began in 1999 as a sort of Victorian Justice League, but with a pronounced literary bent. There are many references (and inside jokes) to Victorian fiction, as well as a lot of steampunk elements.  More

We Be Geeks 227: The Return of Julz

We Be Geeks 227: The Return of Julz

This week on We Be Geeks the gang is almost all here. Brett is MIA for these next couple of weeks, and we will definitely miss him. Do you like digital? We take on the case for “Going Digital with ComiXology”. We all love comics, but is there a place for digital in our lives? Turns out there is! With limited space it makes it hard to collect sometimes. Also traveling with comics is much easier when doing digital. There is much to love about both, and we all love our Local Comic shops. Jessica Chastain was cast in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, after months of rumors. We have our fingers crossed that it will be good. Netflix is adding a new series from Matt Groening. “Disenchantment: a fantasy story that takes place in a failing medieval kingdom.” It sounds pretty interesting to us and the voice cast is stellar. With all of our love from Groening’s other shows, we will be sure to check this gem out. New Superhero shows in 2017? We have the list, and discuss our mad love, or dislike for each of them. All this and more, but only if you tune in.

Marvelette Missives – Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye

The first thing to catch your attention about Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye is, obviously, the title. And yes, it’s a factual statement about the main character. But if you pick up the comic you’ll soon find out there’s a lot more to it than an enhanced human character.  More

We Be Geeks 226: Carry On Wayward Con

We Be Geeks 226: Carry On Wayward Con

We open the show talking musical guests that have been at San Diego Comic-Con. GWAR formerly, and Kansas this year. We go over some headlines from San Diego Comic Con. We move from there to Jason Aaron leaving the Star Wars comic and Kieron Gillen taking over for him. We go over the trailers that were released at San Diego Comic-con. Notables such as Justice League, Game of Thrones. Stranger Things. Thor: Ragnarok, as well as others. We break down the Ready Player One trailer’s Easter eggs. All 29 of them. We talk the Lego Ninjago Movie being turned x-rated by the voice actors. We move onto the CW and Arrow’s new villain for the season. It will be Richard Dragon. We also know that Michael Emerson is going to be playing a bad guy in the upcoming season. We also talk Captain Marvel’s upcoming movie and her costume reveal.

Contest: Comet TV Con Survival Kit

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Marvelette Missives – Lady Mechanika

If you’re into steampunk at all, you will have heard of the Lady Mechanika series. And if you’re new to the genre and want a comic book series full of adventure (and fantastic artwork), then you need to give it a read.  More

Marvelette Missives – The Defenders

In June, as a prelude to the series hitting Netflix in August, The Defenders premiered featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, it’s a good introduction to these characters coming together in the street level version of the Avengers. Well, sort of.  More

We Be Geeks 225: NO Joe, It’s The Tick

We Be Geeks 225: NO Joe, It’s The Tick

It was a slow news week, but the the guys still managed to find a few things to talk about this week. They start off the show with their thoughts on the recent announcement about Erica Durance coming to Supergirl before moving on to discuss the Amazon series The Tick. Staying on the television front, The gang then run down the cast of the upcoming New Warriors series, some Luke Cage news, and an article about shows that have been, or will soon be, cancelled by Netflix. Moving on to Movies, the guys discuss some comments about The Batman made by director Matt Reeves, and discuss a fan push for a Star Wars movie about Ahsoka Tano. Finally, Mike, Brett, and Derrick finish off the show with some nostalgia as they review a list of the worst G. I. Joe action figures.

Marvelette Missives – Rocket

In May, a new comic series launched featuring everyone’s favorite furry member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, Rocket Raccoon (though he’s not really a raccoon) finally has his own monthly, aptly titled Rocket. It gives readers a look at Rocket’s not so innocent life.  More