We Be Geeks 224: We are NOT A Comic Con

We Be Geeks 224: We are NOT A Comic Con

We open the show up talking about the ridiculous war between San Diego Comic-Con and Salt Lake Comic Comic-Con over the use of the word Comic-Con. We move to more con talk with the announcement that Mile High Comics is not going to be going to San Diego Comic Con for the first time in 44 years. We move into talking about whether movie studios are pandering to overseas audiences instead of the US. With ticket sales for the new Transformers movie and The Mummy, it is hard to argue. We give reasons why The Last Jedi could be the best Star Wars movie yet. We can only hope. We move onto more movie news when Time ranks all the Spider-Man movies. Do we agree with the rankings? You will have to listen to find out. We end the show talking about the Doctor Who finale. Warning:Spoilers.

Marvelette Missives – Super Sikh

Diversity and representation are important considerations these days, even in comics. But it’s not just the big publishers that are trying to be more inclusive with different genders, races and orientations of characters. Independent and creator owned publications are jumping in, often with characters and storylines larger companies shy away from. One of those would be the turban-wearing, Elvis-loving, secret agent of Super SikhMore

We Be Geeks 223: A.K.A. Ace Solo

We Be Geeks 223: A.K.A. Ace Solo

There has been a lot of information coming out recently about the Han Solo movie, and we start this episode by diving in head first to discuss it.  Next, we talk about Darth Vader almost having a cameo, as an action figure, in Guardians of the Galaxy, which then leads us down a path of pure nostalgia.  We follow that by discussing the possibility of Captain Britain coming to the MCU, the likelihood of a Superman: Red Son live action film, and a new season of the Young Justice cartoon.  Next up, we talk about some news regarding the upcoming Judge Dredd TV series, a new Tremors series,  and the Fast and the Furious 9.  We then finish up the episode with a chat about a fan theory regarding Spider-Man in Ironman 2, and then talk about the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny cartoon.

Marvelette Missives – Huck

Mark Millar’s Huck is a tale of a simple man with special gifts who wants to live a quiet life in a small town. He does a good deed every day for whoever is in need, but otherwise keeps to himself. His neighbors always know the deeds are his doing, but they keep things quiet as well, as a way to thank him. Then someone new moves to town who happens to be a reporter and she wants to share news of Huck with the world.  More

We Be Geeks 222: Catching Up With Jeff Burns

We Be Geeks 222: Catching Up With Jeff Burns

Tonight, we have friend of the show Jeff Burns on. We talk about his shows Super Geeked Up, Monday Night Mayhem, and DC Action Hour. We move onto San Diego Comic Con and the panels he is going to be hosting. He doesn’t have any rooms or times yet. We move onto his guests for the upcoming season of Super Geeked Up. He is going to be having folks from Mass Effect Andromeda as well as some stunt women from movies and TV. We also talk about Super Geeked Up participating in an charity event called Roll20Con Gaming Marathon. You can catch it on June 24th to 25th.  You can find information on it at www.supergeekedup.com . We talk Mass Effect Andromeda as well as other video games. We also talk everything Star Wars. Books, movies, comics, we have you covered. Also get your DC TV fix here. We talk Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, as well as Legends of Tomorrow.  We also talk the problems with the Marvel Universe. All this on more on this week’s episode.


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Marvelette Missives – Preacher

About a year ago Preacher, a tv series based on the Vertigo comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, made its debut. It follows far-from-holy preacher Jesse Custer in a very small town in Texas and the lives of the often horrible people who live there. The first season of the show was actually a prequel to the comics, so even fans were treated to the unexpected every week.  More

We Be Geeks 221: Batman Forever

We Be Geeks 221: Batman Forever

We start off this episode talking about the passing of Adam West, Batman’s Batman, and some of the tributes honoring the iconic actor. Next, we talk about the adorkable Bob Ross Funko Pop figure that was recently announced before moving on to an in-depth discussion about some of the games announced at E3. Next, we ponder the possibility of a Shazam show brought to the CW network, composer Danny Elfman working on the soundtrack for the Justice League movie, and some news about the director and returning cast for the next X-Men movie. We finish up the episode with some Doctor Who news regarding a new show runner, and our thoughts on the recently released teaser trailer for The Black Panther film.

Marvelette Missives – The Hellblazer

Constantine is definitely one of those characters that people either love or hate. He’s a smarmy, smart ass, dark magic Brit looking out for himself who falls into doing the right things for others… and often saving the world from dark forces. The Hellblazer is a comic for those into the paranormal side of heroes – plenty of catastrophes to avert, but no one flying in with a cape flapping behind. Instead, you get a sometimes drunk couch-surfer in a trench coat who just happens to know what he’s doing.  More

Marvelette Missives – Black Lightning

If you’re into comics and superheroes, you have probably heard about a new addition to the CW superhero lineup of shows. It was announced last month that DC’s Black Lightning has received a full series order and will likely show up as a midseason replacement. And though he has been around since the late 70s, he’s not a very well-known character.  More

Marvelette Missives – Books on Comics

About a month ago, Book Riot posted an article that recommended books about comics. It featured seven books that serve as introductions to the comic book world, studies of comics as an art form and look at subgenres, such as Manga. The writer admits it is not an exhaustive list and there are a few we would add to it.  More