We Be Geeks 183: Time To Make The Donuts Kevin

We open the show talking about Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar, coming back in an animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. Which leads to Jared Leto being disenfranchised with his role in the Suicide Squad. This leads us into an open letter from a former Warner Brothers employee that was also disenfranchised with Warner Brothers (time to make the donuts Kevin). This kicks us off into the Clue movie reboot. Which leads us into a discussion of movies worse than the Transformers movies. We talk Marvel Comic’s Runaways coming as a live action to a series to Hulu. We also give you the lowdown on all of the comic properties coming to TV coming up in the next couple years. We talk about a new type of cantina called Scum and Villainy Cantina. This may be the bar you are looking for. Want to see if you can deflect lightsaber beams? You will be able to do it in the Disney parks with laser deflecting lightsabers. We also talk the end of the Invincible series.

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We Be Geeks 182: The Art Of Bento With Jeff Moss

This week on We Be Geeks: The team (Sans Brett) is joined by Comic Book & Board Game Bento creator, Jeff Moss. Jeff gives us an inside look at what it is like from beginning to end to curate a box each month. The theme plays an important part and adds a special touch to each box. I can attest that the Board Game Bento is as epic as it sounds, and a lot of fun. We also learned that the comic book industries have been pretty awesome in providing books for Comic Bento. A lot of times they will offer a book that Jeff thinks is perfect for the theme that they picked out. More

We Be Geeks 181: Suicide Tomatoes

Guys night on the show tonight. We talk our contest. You can find the contest questions on our Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/webegeekspc/ . We talk Suicide Squad and what how we think it will do in the theaters and how the fans want Rotten Tomatoes shut down because of the critics. Did DC rush it out too quick. We talk other movies out we want to see like Jason Bourne and Star Trek: Beyond. There is a new director on Marvel’s: Agents of Shield, and we tell you who it is. We want a Howling Commandos Netflix series. We talk Supergirl and how she fits into the CW Universe. We talk about Valiant teaming up with Catalyst games. creating a card game and premiering at Gen-Con. We talk HeroClix and card games. Want to know what the top underrated comic movies of all time are? We tell you. 

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We Be Geeks 180: Stay Out Of The Car, Carl!

On this special episode of We Be Geeks, the crew from Geek Watch One joins us to discuss the best tidbits from the San Diego Comic Con.  We start off in the DC Universe as we discuss all of the DC movies coming out in the near future.  We then talk about Geoff Johns being promoted to president of DC before having a hearty discussion about Batman, the Killing Joke animated movie, which then leads into talk about DC Rebirth.  We move on to the DC television shows as we discuss the announcement that both the Justice Society, and the Legion of Doom will be featured on Legends of Tomorrow.  We also discuss the Arrow trailer, and our thoughts on the upcoming season.  We finish off the DC discussion by talking about the Young Animal line of DC comics that is being headed by musician Gerard Way.

Next, we switch the discussion to Marvel as we talk about Agents of SHIELD and the announcement that Ghost Rider would be featured in the upcoming season.  We also discuss the possibility of Bobby and Hunter More

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WBG Ep 179: Bento My Bounty

We begin the show talking casting for Comic Book Men season 6. You can apply here http://comicbookmencasting.com/ Do you want a pair of headphones and a mic? Tune in to our shows to win. The latest movie in the Divergent Series: Ascendant is going to TV or a streaming service instead of into theaters. Find out why here. We also talk Batman V Superman Easter Egg hinting that Barbara Gordon may make an appearance as Oracle in upcoming movies. We talk Chris Wood being added to the cast of Supergirl as it makes its appearance on the CW. We talk Injustice 2 panel at SDCC. SDCC exclusives and lament the fact that we are not there. Mike unboxes his Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Box. Look for unboxing video to come out soon. We talk live action Pokemon. Umm Yay? Have you heard that we have a new podcast coming out? Well we do, it is called More

WBG Ep 178: Girl Clown Revisited With Crystal Scott

This week on We Be Geeks: The entire team is together again for the first time in a while. Special guest Crystal Scott made her epic return to We Be Geeks to talk about her feature film Girl Clown. From short, to crowdfunding her vision for a feature film, Crystal has been a busy lady. She talked about her favorite parts of being a producer, as well as any challenges they had to encounter. Being a low budget filmmaker, and in NYC there are always extra costs involved. Crystal has a few new projects coming out as well. A web series, and she has so many More

WBG Episode 177: Sharkasaurus With Spencer Estabrooks

This week we talk with Spencer Estabrooks from the short film Sharkasaurus and Legend of the Lich Lord web series. We talk about the making of Sharkasaurus and the great locations in Alberta Canada. We talk about the differences between writing a comic and a movie. We talk about who we would cast as Groo the Wanderer. Owen Wilson was the consensus favorite. Who would win between Sharkasaurus, Sharknado, and Tara Reid? Find out here. We talk about his mom and mother law backing the Kickstarter. Since Spencer is Canadian, there has to be some hockey talk. We talk Kickstarter and why he chose it. Spencer’s comic sensibility is spot on. We talk his comic sensibilities, and his influences. We talk about the perks of the Kickstarter and the Canadian exchange. We find another person in Spencer, another hater of Batman V Superman. We talk the merits of Nicholas Cage movies. More

WBG Ep.176: The Smuggler’s Bounty

We begin this episode of We Be Geeks with Mike talking about the unboxing video he recorded for his Smuggler’s Bounty box of goodies.  He tells Brett and Derrick about some of the items he received from Smuggler’s Bounty, which makes Brett and Derrick quite jealous.  You can check the We Be Geeks site for a link to Smuggler’s Bounty to receive your own box of goodies if you are jealous too.

The Star Wars talk continues as we discuss whether or not the original Kenner Darth Vader figure had a cloth cape at any point, then tease something Star Wars related that the We Be Geeks crew will be working on soon. More

WBG Ep 175: Where Are The Nuclear Wessels?

In this episode of We Be Geeks, the gang starts the show talking about the untimely death of Anton Yelchin. We talk about Forest Whitaker’s role in Rogue One. We also talk about our excitement about the movie. We talk Indiana Jones and our worries about what they are going to do with it. We talk about the restrictions put on the Jessica Jones series. We talk Karl Urban announcing Dredd 2. We talk Grant Gustin’s announcement of the title of the season 3 premier: Flashpoint. We talk Linda Carter’s role as the President of the United States in Supergirl. We talk the meeting between Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in the new Justice League movie. We talk about the 148 pieces in the Flash’s costume. Again, why are they not using Grant Gustin for the movie? Bad move Warner Brothers. We talk the relaunch of Legends of the Hidden Temple. First with a movie, then a show. We talk Brett’s unhealthy addiction with Fallout Shelter. Where are the nuclear wessels? More