We Be Geeks 231: The Moth Life With Martin Casaus

The Guys are joined this week by pro wrestler Martin Casaus aka Marty “The Moth” Martinez. Catch him on Lucha Underground every Wednesday on the El Rey Network. Season one and two can be found on Netflix. You can also get his supplements and Marty the Moth gear at www.martincasaus.com.

  • about the show and upcoming matches.
  • favorite matches on Lucha Underground.
  • wrestling games and if he likes to create himself.
  • if he likes playing the bad guy (heel).
  • how he got into wrestling.
  • Martin’s entry into Tough Enough.
  • Martin’s takeaways from Tough Enough
  • Martin’s real job.
  • his time on Everwood and on Adam Sandler’s new film.
  • Martin’s favorite video games.
  • Martin’s top 3 wrestlers.