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Marvelette Missives – My Friend Dahmer

Anyone over the age of 30 knows about Jeffrey Dahmer and likely remembers the details of his arrest and trial in the early 90s. Even if you’re younger, you no doubt recognize the name of the man who took the lives of 17 victims. Artist John “Derf” Backderf went to highschool with Dahmer in the 70s and in the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer, he recounts his interactions with him, how much of an outsider he really was and how the toxic family environment he lived in had a hand in creating the monster he was to become.  More

Now Geek This: A Review of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

nowgeekthisIn this exciting edition of Now Geek This, I will be reviewing Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the long awaited sequel to the original Sin City from 2005.  A Dame to Kill For, which I will refer to as Sin City Two from this point on, is directed by Robert Rodriguez along with Frank Miller, who also created the graphic novels the Sin City movies are based on.  The movie stars a large cast of actors which includes Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Josh Brolin, Joseph-Gordon-Levitt, and Eva Green as the titular “dame to kill for”, among several others. More