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Now Geek This! The Return…

At last, I have returned!  What had originally intended to be a short holiday break turned out to be an extended hiatus due to, well, reasons.  I’m sure in that time, many might have forgotten me, but I am back in full force and ready to spread my geek love once again.  Some of you may have been listening to me on the We Be Geeks podcast in the interim, so you know that I have at least been alive and well during my writing hiatus.  Enough of that though, let us move on to the nitty-gritty meat of my latest article, shall we?

I think I shall begin with a quick recap of the gems I missed discussing over the past couple of months or so. More

Now Geek This: Almost Human

cooltext1205573672Almost Human is the newest show from producer J. J. Abrams. starring Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy from the Star Trek movies) as a police detective in the near future, and Michael Ealy as his android partner.  Almost Human airs on Mondays at 8:00PM on the Fox Network.

Almost Human is one of those shows that intrigued me when I first heard about and saw the commercials Fox would run constantly.  I thought it would be a perfect show for a sci-fi fan like myseslf, and I was very exited to see it.  Then, I watched the first two episodes, shown on two consecutive days to kick off the season.