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Marvelette Missives – A Perfect War

It should come as no surprise that I saw Captain America: Civil War last weekend (well, Thursday night to be exact). I am a Marvel chick, after all. So I want to explain why I think this is an almost perfect superhero movie. (Very minor spoilers ahead – I don’t give away the good stuff.)

There are five important aspects to every superhero movie: plot, characters, pacing, humor and action. (These can be said to apply to all movies in varying degrees.) So let’s take each in turn and show what Civil War does right. More

Now Geek This: I, Frankenstein Review


This weekend was the opening of the movie I, Frankenstein, directed by Stuart Beattie.  The plot of the movie has Frankenstein’s famous monster, played by Aaron Eckhart, stumble into a war between demons, who are hunting the monster to learn the secrets of his creation,  and the holy order of gargoyles who are the sworn enemies of the demons.  Of course, Frankenstein’s monster, named Adam by the queen of the gargoyles played by Miranda Otto, wants nothing to do with the war.  All Adam wants is to be left alone to roam the earth in peace.  Centuries of fighting demon hunters pass before Adam realizes that he will never be left alone as long as the demon prince Naberiu, played by Bill Nighy, wants the secrets Adam’s body can reveal about animating the dead.  Adam returns to the order of the gargoyles during modern day and decides to help them fight Naberius.


Now Geek This: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug review

cooltext1205573672Hello, and welcome to another exciting edition of Now Geek This.  Today, I will be reviewing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, directed by fan favorite Peter Jackson. 

Before I begin my review, I must reveal two important factors regarding my viewing of this movie.  The first thing I must disclose is that I have not read the Hobbit or even watched the Rankin/Bass cartoon since I was a very young child, so the exact details of the story are a distant memory to me.  I know what you are thinking, “blasphemy!”  Just hold on a minute, I think that gave me a fresh perspective on these movies.  I know the basic story of the Hobbit of course; it is just the exact details of the story that elude me.