We Be Geeks 213: More Than Meets The Eye, My …

We start the show out with the geek weather report, and move into talking about SNL skits. Up next we go into Sony and Marvel fighting over the rights on Spider-Man after the sequel to Homecoming. Will Sony get the rights back? Will Marvel and Sony make nice and make another deal? We talk Joss Whedon writing, directing and producing, a Batgirl movie. We also do an impromptu casting call for Babs. We then move to Star Wars news, with an Obi-Wan standalone movie. Would you watch an Ahsoka animated film? We sure would. We debut a new segment with Derrick where he goes off on Michael Bay and his new 14 Transformer movies. We move into the release date of The Defenders. 8-18-2017. We also talk about Disney coming out with a Tron Lightcycle attraction coming to the parks. We also talk more Disney and its battles with other parks. We talk new Thrawn books coming out from Timothy Zahn after his appearance in Star Wars: Rebels. We end the night talking gaming news, with Marvel Heroes coming to the gaming consoles off of PC.

Now Geek This! A Review of Captain America: Civil War

This week, I will be reviewing the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War.  Civil War, directed by the brother team of Anthony and Joe Russo, is the third film in the Captain America franchise, and stars Chris Evans as the titular character, Captain America.  Civil War also stars an assembly (pun intended) of other actors portraying their familiar roles from other Marvel films, including Avengers, Ant-Man, and a movie that will be forthcoming. More

WBG Ep 125: Comics On The Brain

WBG with bkg2This week, the We Be Geeks team hit a milestone with their 125th episode. Comics are on the brain, as the team discuss what they like, what they cut, and a comic that surprised them. Lego is looking for more sustainable material to use, which is great for the environment, but the team is left wondering what they can actually use that will be comparable. Speaking of Lego, Lego Dimensions has some surprises up its sleeve, as you can buy each character you want. It may add up to a pretty penny, but it’s so worth it. Spider-man has a new lead, and a new director, and the group weigh in on their choices. Star Wars Rebels aired, but fans are confused if it’s the second season, or just a continuation of the first. Also it’s with sad hearts that Marty is leaving the show. He has been such a great podcaster and friend, but I have a feeling he will be back on to hang out. Brett and Derrick are a nice addition to the show, and will bring their geek knowledge to the table.

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Now Geek This: Geek Bites

nowgeekthisHello, and welcome to another edition of Now Geek This.  I had originally wanted to write a review of the movie Jupiter’s Ascending, but it seems the gods have transpired against that succeeding.  I live in New England, currently known as the ice planet Hoth, where we have been hit by record breaking snowstorms in the past two weeks leaving us buried in over five feet of snow.  Between the constant shoveling of snow, and the fact that I have been sick with a cold, or what I hope is a cold at least, I have unfortunately not had time to go to see the movie this week.  In addition, I don’t have a Tauntaun to carry me to the theater either.  So, I will not be writing the review I had hoped to write, but I realized that I have some thoughts on things that have been going on in the geek world.  I thought I would write an article covering some of these things, and so here you have my tasty Geek Bites to tide you over during this mini-Ice Age.  Enjoy! More

Now Geek This: Review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

now geek thisI must begin this review with a Spoiler Warning.  Under normal circumstances, I try to avoid including any kind of spoiler in my reviews.  However, in the case of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, my review will require me to discuss certain scenes in detal that may in fact spoil the movie if you have not watched it yet.  Now that you have been warned, let’s continue with the review.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the sophomore Spidey film directed by Marc Webb.  This film continues the franchise started by the first Amazing Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, and Emma Stone as Peter’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, not to be confused with the Spider-Man movies of the early 2000s directed by Sam Raimi and starring Toby Maguire as Spider-Man.


Now Geek This: Big Game Movie Trailers


Whether you are a sports fan or not, I’m sure that you are aware that this past Sunday was the Big Game, which is the championship game for football for those who might not know.  It has a more commonly uses name, but the footbal people don’t like you to use it unless you pay for it, so I won’t.  One of the most popular features of the Big Game are the commercials shown during the breaks in gameply.  Companies spend literally millions of dollars on comercial spots during the Big Game, and the commercials end up being almost as popular as the game.  This year, there were also a couple of extended trailers for upcoming movies that I am very interested in.  I think the best way to discuss these trailers is to take each one individually.



Mike Sampson | ScreenCrush

The lightning bolts coming out of Electro’s fingers aren’t the only thing shocking on the set of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Despite filming on the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ set for a few weeks earlier this spring, actressShailene Woodley (who signed on to play Peter Parker’s future love interest, Mary Jane Watson) has been cut from the film entirely. So…what exactly happened? Some spoilers ahead as we explain… More